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  1. No! I knew how much things cost pal I didn't expect cercomstances to change to the point where I will be quite scint for a year or two so keep your daft comments to your self
  2. I was going to go in to dog handler security with him but I'm not able to afford When you need a good van .sia and then the NASDU LEVEL 2 your looking a 5000 just to get £10ph
  3. 11 month old working bred good with all people and kids has a good level of obedience has had some bite work but still very much a green dog Pm me for more info 100
  4. I want to find a good home for my male terrier he is 3 in September and is good with dogs ferrets and kids and good round horses and cows never been round sheep not good with cats and hens and ducks he is a good busher and ratter and ferreting dog works well in a pack I have not worked him for over 12 months and think it will be better for him to find a good work home hi lives in never been in a kennal located in Warrington
  5. I have a deaf sealyham terrier 13 week old lovely dog well breed bloody shame he's deaf
  6. also got a new pop up hide that cost 79 quid that has never been used I will sell the lot for 280
  7. brand new last June used only to zero in and not touched since only had fft pellets through it and not meny at that comes with a decent scope bag and a almost full tin of fft pellets 6 pigeon decoys 240
  8. just wondering if any one has had a deaf pup and kept and worked them training sucsesfuly
  9. 14 month old hob pole cat good worker and tame dose not bite warrington
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