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    finding hunting stalking creeping charging and eating!!!!!
  1. mussells

    This has been bugging me for ages!

    everyone loves DAVE.. oh and some say he only eats raw meat and sleeps upside down all i know is I HAVENT A F*CK*NG CLUE!!!!
  2. mussells

    dating direct

  3. mussells

    When to stop

    ive shot and fished with a cast on my arm. i will only ever stop when im dead. i know a man with only omne habd the other is a hook and he shoots with excellence.
  4. mussells

    Another night on new lake

    thats utter rubbish!!
  5. mussells

    Patterdale Terrier

    so why is it so important to keep a terrier that goes to ground on fox away from rabbit??
  6. If mine ignores me i change my voice from a nice "come on then dog" to a "RIGHT THATS IT COME ERE" then if i begin to walk towards him he comes running back full tilt!!! He knows through expirence that if i get to him before he gets to me its a slap for the little tyke!! it works for me, but as already said its a terrier and with that said if my dog is on a sent he wont listen for nothing and is quite prepared to take a slap, its as if he loves it.
  7. "well men are strange creatures really " What? i may a young wippersnapper at 29yrs but to this day i cant understand women??? besides how can a man trust something that bleeds for a week and does NOT die!!!!
  8. mussells

    None stop ratting.

    simply fantastic!! wow what a great day you had. Fair play thats some awsome rat catching.
  9. mussells


    "women dont expect any help on a thursday!!!" (you know the "nuts" advert!!!
  10. mussells

    Advise please

    what breeding is he ,he looks like mine
  11. mussells

    Why bicycle shorts are always black!

    WHY did i have to look at this thread,Molly you could have said "for the girlies only" now i,ve been put right off my breakfast :sick: i bet i have nightmares tonight now!!!
  12. mussells

    one of lifes little mysterys

    why are oranges called "oranges" but lemons are not called "yellows"????
  13. mussells

    Happy Birthday

    happy birthday dude!! im 30 in december and sh*tting myself wats it feel like!!! i want to stay in my 20`s forever!!!!!
  14. mussells


    hilux are ok but if you need to go off road they slip on wet grass.
  15. mussells

    Jeremy Vine

    i personally feel for the fat people who cant lose wait. im 30 and 5ft 6ins and because of an i,ll ness i weigh 7 stone! this really pisses me off because i cant put weight on and boy do i try. I eat like a horse and i live with a butcher so i eat quallity aswell as quantity. i cant put it on so i understand the people who cant lose it. BUT and its a big but people who are just too lazy to exersise or eat properly should come and live in my shoes i know its the opposite but it makes me mad. .