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  1. Someone needed to take care of foxes on 1,000 acre mixed farm in Perthshire. Must be experienced and fully insured, no dogs. Message me for more details.
  2. No you dont need a guide, just head out to DOC catchments and theres plenty free big game to be had- even the wapati ballot is open to non residents, I've been there trust me.
  3. New zealand has free hunting for non residents just so you know.
  4. I've got some roe stalking I may be letting in perthshire, p.m me for details.
  5. Crossbows are illegal through the whole of the uk! And have been for a good few years! Either give the clown a good kicking or tell you're local wildlife officer- I've had to pull crossbow bolts out of deer and lambs before now. not pleasant. Edit to say I meant illegal for hunting not just in general-should'e worded it better.
  6. Ii'd say go for it with a .270 for the sika- and go for a .22 centrefire for foxes .222/.223/22-250. But as said before get some serious deer shooting experience before knocking over any sika- as anyone will tell you the real work starts after pulling the trigger, dragging/skinning/ butchering etc properly and safely is hard work. On another note I have before now been told to shoot sika through the shoulder to stop them running has anyone else?(this was advice from a gamedealer/professional stalker?- they are seriously hard beasts, even compared to reds/sambar it takes a lot to bring them down!
  7. +1 for macleods too! Just thought I'd add that I was in gows in Dundee and was told when looking for a pump action shotgun that they were illegal-news to me, how can someone running a gun shop be so staggeringly ignorant?
  8. Theres a guy Ian farrington? I think that does wild boar shooting in devon- very reasonably priced and its done by moonlight so it's something a bit different. If you want his details p.m me. Or if its driven boar basswood sporting agency have a good reputation in eastern europe. If its pig sticking with dogs you're after then Australia/ New Zealand is the place! p.s I am in no way connected with his outfit have just heard very good reports!
  9. Obviously you are fully aware of my personal situation and why I can or can't get to a bank? I think not. I couldn't care less if you can get a cheque cashed on an island in the atlantic. I can't. Hence why it clearly states paypal only on the ad to avoid confusion. I do accept responsibilty for not pming promptly- since offering free deer stalking my inbox has been more than a little bit busy and I was a bit heavy with the ignore button. for that I apologise.
  10. If you're looking to do some pig hunting in the UK I know a chap that does shooting by night down in dorset. I don't think he charges too much as he's doing it as pest control really- unfortunately hunting with dogs is illegal in the UK but if you were really keen I know a couple of people/places in New Zealand/Australia that would take you out for nothing. Most of the boar shooting in the UK is kept really quiet apparently, I've been looking for years and haven't found any land with pigs on. Hope that helps. Ross.
  11. Try any of the big sheep stations or cropping farms- also if theres any roo shooters near you they sometimes knock over pigs as well. Or if you know any shearers they're usually pretty keen on their pig hunting.
  12. Min calibre recommended by defra is .270 but most of the people I know use a heavier grain .308 or 30-06, either that or brenneke solid slugs but you'd probably have a hard time getting hold of them.
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