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  1. Hi does anyone know of anybody who sells dog jabs
  2. I know a lot of piep who work that dog that would make sure the dogs where there priorities so I hope I can put the photo up so if anyone recognize the
  3. I seen that as well do they not care for there terriers or lurchers they don't deserve dogs like them
  4. Yes the SSPCA Found it it was in the sandilands area of lanark
  5. Hi Just to let everyone know that someone has thrown a patterdale terrier with badger bites out in the lanark area and it has to be but down just think that this person or persons don't care about this dogs that give everything for us
  6. Hi My old terrier has cushings she is on 30gr of vetoryl a day for life
  7. Anyone know what's wrong with the working dog meds shop is it still doing business
  8. Lurcher found near cumbernald in Scotland it is chipped saying it's from the county Durham area the police have been trying to contact the owner just wonder if any of you know
  9. Hi.Fecking hate this time of year terriers go daft with all the fireworks what can I is best to keep them from going nuts any help bye the way thanks for the answers about the warts on dogs will try
  10. Yea mate tryed that as Well also tryed the homeopathic cream as well.The wartner is about £12.
  11. Hi I have tryed everything to get rid of a wart on terriers leg just wonder if any of you know where I can get it and if anyone sells it
  12. What's a good wash for a dog don't say water.I used to use alugan can't get anymore so any advise
  13. Hi Just a quick question has anyone used anything from the fenland forager if so what did you think if it.I got the dermo shampoo just asking for any information thanks
  14. Hi I am looking to swap a book called gazehounds & coursing for a book called coursing in pursuit of game I hope anyone can help thanks
  15. Hi just to let anyone who has dogs stolen from Renfrew and Inverclyde that dogs have been handed in to the police as I noticed this as I was looking through facebook so if you know of anyone please tell them they have been handed in to Renfrewshire & Inverclyde police division the terrier is tidy looking Lakeland terrier black & tan and the lurcher is fawn in colour so if you know of anyone I just want these dogs to be back with there owner thanks the police think the dogs where stolen on or about the 3rd of this month please let me know if the dogs get returned as myself have dog l
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