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  1. Hi I have a Marshall FM100 UHF never been used still in the box which comes with Scout 434 also never been used Spare battery's plus Tail feather piece tool and tail feather mount. This is still in warranty until March 2016. I purchased this in March this year for £800. I would take £600 for the lot plus £12.00 postage to the UK If your interested you can call me on 07810671392 Ricky
  2. Anyone a member of The British Falconers Club ?
  3. Just wondering if there are any Falconers in West Sussex who frequent this forum ?
  4. I have received my new travel box from Falconry fabrications and I'm really happy with it great bit of kit .
  5. Thank you all for the replies.I like the idea of cheap with fixed blade to start off with.
  6. What hunting knives would you recommend for falconry and best places to buy them ?
  7. Thanks for the heads up but I think I'm going to save up for a newer model with smaller yagi.
  8. Any one use Black Falcon Telemetry ? If so do you rate it ?
  9. Does anyone have a Gamehawker box ?
  10. Ricky's 50

    Eyelet Size

    What size Eyelets on anklets would you use for female Harris hawk
  11. Thanks for the replies I'm going for a single front opening large box when there sites working again.
  12. I've been looking at the Falcon Fabrication boxes.How long do they take to deliver also what are the best front opening or sliding door ?
  13. I'm going to buy a new transport box any recommendations Forward opening door or sliding door Wood or plastic
  14. Thank you for the replies most of the people around my way use 173
  15. Anyone use Marshall telemetry ? If so what receiver and transmitters would you recommend for a Goshawk.
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