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  1. Daz Harrison

    Neoprene Dog Coats

    Hey all, what neoprene coats are you all using i have a spanial which shivers because he has a short coat and gets cold easy.
  2. Daz Harrison

    Timid Shy English Springer

    Hi all, I have a 5 month old English springer that is very timid, he cowers down at people walking towards him when were out and stops walking when he see's something he doesnt know, anyone had this problem before and turned the dog out to be good around people and dogs ? cheers Daz
  3. Daz Harrison

    Game Fairs

    we went and it wasnt what i expected from BASC but we had an ok day out food stalls was over priced aswell.
  4. Daz Harrison

    Basc Insurance

    do full members with BASC get insurance as standard ?
  5. Daz Harrison

    Gun Safe

    you can have it just inside your loft hatch and coach bolt it to the joists, my FAO told me its very commen as newer houses do not have solid walls. Daz
  6. Daz Harrison

    Cheek Brused After A Days Shooting (Shotgun)

    to be honest it was not with my gun, it was with a gun on a 2nd shotgun intro lesson lol first shot stung, its never happened with my own gun.
  7. Had a day shooting yesterday which have left me with a sore cheek, i felt the first shot hit hard, is that all it takes is one bad gun placment ? Daz
  8. Morning all, how close do you all set your magnet up to the hide ? also, why do magnets only come with a short lead/cable ? i have just made my 15 mtrs long. cheers Daz
  9. Daz Harrison

    Fox And .410

    Id say it has something to do with the houses close by ... What does it matter if the land as been passed for a rimmy , if a person as an open ticket its up to them to judge wether the land is save or not ... i didnt know that, i thought the land had to be deemed fit for a rimfire, learning every day cheers ! Daz
  10. very nice trouble is i have no sewing machine ! Daz
  11. Daz Harrison

    Chaseing The Pigeons

    great stuff, i realy do need to get my decoy kit sorted. Daz
  12. Daz Harrison

    Fox And .410

    why cant you use a 12g ,can you not put a back stop up and only shoot if you get a good clear shot ? , is the land past for a rimfire ? bloody foxes have been have chickens and ducks off my friends garden over the last few weeks. Daz
  13. Daz Harrison

    Tree Hides/seats For Foxing

    which trail cam do you use ?
  14. Hello, im looking for shooting permission Leicestershire/lincolnshire, im based between Melton and Grantham, fully insured through BASC cheers Daz
  15. Daz Harrison

    How Long And What Time?

    you cannot shoot roosting pigeons at night, have a search on the BASC website Daz