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  1. any chance of pic of sharp ace if u still have it?
  2. i will have the lot pal. txt me n i ring u if u want. 07894007760. can u post it please. gav
  3. ferrit kits albino and polecats, small and large kits available. sandys whites silvers and strong hobs aswell. working stock. £10 each. ring gav 07894007760 burton upon trent
  4. size 10 brand new wellies... never worn, from the states.. they come in a kit all u have to do is glue the soles on to make them complete and water tight.. 30 pound and there yours. glue not soplied.
  5. 3o pair of brand new barbour trousers.... straight from the factory never worn, full water risistant and very hard wearing. waste sizes from 28 up to 48. the only thing wronw with these trousers are that 1 leg on all of them is 3 inch longer than the other.. please make me an offer for each pair or all of them.. im willing to give an discount of 30% because of the legs... these trousers do go well with people with odd length legs... please be serious with the offers..
  6. hay mara..... if u get a rat 4 pup ge me a bell..

  7. just move the little fella they will av false pregnancys anyway as they aint ready in season or not trust me pal........
  8. 07938560826 am interested dood call me on this number cheers pal!!!!
  9. alright pal, very interested in talking to you bout these pups....... just what im looking for at the mo. ring me if you can.. 07894007760. gavin
  10. seriosly pal how much u want? what gen is it?
  11. makes me hard baby. hahahahahahahahaha sorry, couldnt resist.
  12. lampshy

    Your Job

    under water welder. at the mo there is 2 jobs available as they off with marine illnesses. weard really. under investigation by marine biologists, small creatures all over them like mites. thing they have crabs. hahahahahahaha plumber by trade anyway.......... happy hunting you lot.
  13. You're dead right there, JPT. Some folks seem to think if you're not born with a silver snap-cap up your arse, then you're not worthy...... dnt jump on the bandwagon you maggot. born in a pit village like any fooker else. if you want the simpathy vote pal. try jeramy kyle.
  14. Ive got some pics here lampshy if you want to buy them of me with your mums beaver on my face,shes signed them aswell. cracked me up this one class! wolly take no notice mate of some of the comments mate some of them only hunt with their keyboards look ....... i aint taking the piss in a bad way, and if ihurt any1s feelings then fair does sorry.... just havin the crack thats all..... keep the gun if you can pal. every 1 i got rid of i had to replace....... happy hunting.... and the turd who got the pics of me mam. send us one. haha.....
  15. have you got any pics of them mateing? 2 birds at it............ gats me going that does pal. haha only jokein pal...
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