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  1. where are you mate ..interested
  2. big andy

    Full Pcp Set Up In .177

    Will have had a service and re seal by the end of this week...was going to keep it but changed my mind again !!
  3. big andy

    Full Pcp Set Up In .177

    Great bit of kit this lads very accurate even for me !..must be a detectorist out there who wants a nice set up ready to go. pics to anyone interested
  4. 2 hours away lol you don't deserve a pup of he,r guys have drive 10 hours pmslno worries plenty others around. Cheers Arse Agreed
  5. The rifle is an Armex X10 Avenger in .177 complete with two mags, Hawke Sport Hd mil dot IR 3-9x40 and very good quality padded gun bag. The sling is not included but the silencer is. Metal work is very good with the odd mark but no rust whatsoever , the stock has had a bit of work to make more lefty friendly on the comb and thumb hole these need a darker stain but never bothered me . There is also a 7 litre 300 bar bottle with 5 yrs test and full. I would like £450 for the lot or swap decent metal detector..Pictures are available but too big for here. Superb 10 shot rifle that cycles perfectly and is shooting 11.4 with JSB Exacts 8.44grn
  6. big andy

    Samsung Galaxy Note Gt N7000 16Gb

    Now sold thanks
  7. Great phone in very good condition had a case on since I have owned it. It's unlocked and will come with the case leather but a bit battered, I pen and charger. Selling due to company phone..£120 or swap scope, pics to an email addy as too big for here.
  8. big andy

    Hw 80 Mk 1 .22 Tuned

    Due to messers this is still here lads..how clear do I have to make it its point fookin 22...great rifle make me an offer
  9. big andy

    Plummer Terrier

    Thanks for all the genuine comments its much appreciated but as stated the dog is not just going for the sake of it, I have had some pretty strange people get in touch !. We are going to work this out some how so he stays with us.
  10. big andy

    Hw 80 Mk 1 .22 Tuned

    anyone got a metal detector they would like to swap for a superb hunter ?
  11. big andy

    Plummer Terrier

    What a cock you aint got a clue you cheeky twat
  12. big andy

    Hw 80 Mk 1 .22 Tuned

    No probs mate..its a good un !
  13. big andy

    Hw 80 Mk 1 .22 Tuned

    It is mate yes just been in the paddock shooting woodies with it.
  14. big andy

    Hw 80 Mk 1 .22 Tuned

    Anyone wanting a top hunting springer doing 11.5 this is for you..please come and shoot it !!
  15. big andy

    Plummer Terrier

    Not that far mate !