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  1. Hey guys I was just wondering if any of you could give me some suggestions, as a young child me and Dad made a basic cabinet designed to fit one or two spring rifles in, you can guess the sort of thing a wooden box with a padlock on it. Now i'm older and have more rifles I'm planning a new one to fit in the corner of a room. I have some basic ideas for a wooden cabinet to fit the rooms design. I was wondering if anyone had some plans they would like to share?, I am going to include a pellet draw in with the cabinet. But I have no idea what to do for a locking mechanism that isn't just
  2. yeah it is great fun, thanks lads i didn't think i would be the only one.
  3. hi there just a quick question for you guys, i was wondering if many of you do ratting with your lurchers, i have had my wheaton greyhound cross for just over 3 years now and i have been out a fair few times with her ratting with mates and their terriers and other lurcher on farms and places. Until now i thought nothing of it and i thought most people considered it as 'normal' to take lurchers ratting but recently i was having a conversation with a group of people and this topic ended coming up, it was said that they had never heard of taking lurchers ratting and wouldn't ever entertain
  4. The only way to find out is to try some and find out for your self. Many people have the (controversial) hatsan escorts and love them where as others couldn't think of anything worse. its a similar story with most of the other 'cheap' guns really. Personally i don't have any issues with the hatsans but i have only used them occasionally and not long enough to notice any significant problems. In my opinion i like the weblely and scott 812. i have used a few of them and i get on well with the gun. (Still tempted to get one now.) when i was deciding which semi auto to get I took
  5. Hello i was just wondering if anyone knows of any young terrier bitches for sale in N.W England (Lancashire area). I'm not too fussy on what breed. i am looking for something that has a bit of potential to go to ground, and for mainly rooting around around with my lurcher. (around £100 ish) Any help will be appreciated Thanks
  6. Thanks for that, I think I might as well wait a bit longer before applying then as I only go out with him
  7. I am currently 17 years old and i often help out on a shooting estate near by. I go out lamping with the game keepers quite a lot and i was just wondering if anyone can tell me at what age i can get a rifle, use a rifle, when i can use one on my own and are there restrictions on calibers. I have asked about but no one can seem to give me the answers i'm looking for. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  8. hello, I currently have a 19 month old wheaten greyhound deerhound cross bitch, I've been looking into getting a wheaten greyhound bitch. My only concern is that some people that i know that have them say that they can be noisy in the kennels if not worked for a day or so. My bitch was noisy at first but settled down after a few weeks and i cant have much noise anymore due to neighbors with children. I was just wondering if it was common in wheaten greyhound crosses to be noisy in kennels. Also if there is anything else i should know about the breed any advice would be much appreciated.
  9. thanks again for the advice . i'm gonna go down to my local gun dealer this weekend to have a look at ether some escorts or the webly and scott 812b
  10. Thanks for the advice I think i'm going to see if i can get a new (ish) model and try it and i will just have to see how it goes
  11. Hello I've been looking into the Hatsan escort and been thinking about getting one my self. I know the gun has mixed responses from different people. I was just wondering if anyone who has had experience with the gun could tell me how well it cycles the bigger loads such as 3" magnum cartridges as i have only heard responses about smaller game and clay cartridges from 21g to 32g Thanks for any advice Ian
  12. I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Webly Powapell pellets in .22 as they are slightly pointed. In the past i have found pointed pellets to not have the same impact when hitting rabbits as i was finding the pellets to pass through the rabbit such as the RWS super points. Often when ferreting i would find rabbits with holes through the head dead in a burrow. The pellets preform well in my bsa s10 but i wouldn't like the rabbits to be suffering after being hit. Any help would be
  13. I had the same thing on my barrel i used wd40 and a pan scrub, then just rubbed the barrel with gun oil. Now you cant tell the rust was ever there
  14. Thanks a lot guys i appreciate the help i think i will keep the superten and try and get it fixed and at the same time save up for the s 410 so i can see which i prefer or keep both i'm not sure of the costs for fixing the superten because the gunsmith i use told me the loose bolt and worn magazine has meant when i pushed the pellets in it scraped the barrel and has damaged the barrel so a new one may be needed :/
  15. Hello, I've had my bsa super 10 for two years now and it has been great. I mainly use it for rabbit shooting and occasionally the odd pigeon. I bought it off a mate two years ago and it had been badly treat. I cleaned the rifle up and gave it to a local gunsmith who serviced it and fixed the miner faults. Since then up to now i have had no problems at all i have shot many rabbits with it and i love it. Recently lots of problems have started occurring from the bolt jamming to leaking bottles. I have been careful and treat the gun with care but from the day i bought it the problems have just
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