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  1. i called my pup rex he's settling good now ill have some pics up for you later cheers for the pup
  2. cheers people but none of them have come to my likings yet sure one will pop up soon
  3. lol i want a short name rele like max or sumthink
  4. hi i just bought a male lurcher and struglein for a name lol
  5. i remember that day well blacky sad day for us all, a good dog died doing wat he loved doing best. Always remember your terriers
  6. i remember that night blacky... Was it on samthemans permission
  7. ive had ferrets for a while now does it really matter, as long as they are from good working stock thats wat counts
  8. hell of a whippet mate can i come out with you soon lampin we aint been 4 a while
  9. ye i agree sum nice set ups there.
  10. nice ferrets i woudnt mind having my ferrets out in a run like that i shud have soon
  11. looks like you had a gd day then mate
  12. hi im looking for some jills round the north wales area if [NO TEXT TALK] has plz can you let me no
  13. Sorry to hear this mate it happens up our way all the time. Hope you find the dog mate, if not at least find the people doing it North Wales Posse
  14. mark 1 locator is by far the best, and if not do it the old way and get a Hob and a line mate. A good sharp bulldog, plenty of spun nylon nets. A lots of good permission if not dont bother. Good luck
  15. i hav a patterdale cross bull she is 6 yrs old and hasnt got any teeth left. she use 2 bay for the first few mins but then she would mix it quiet badly i do recomend putting a dash of bull in them for staying abillty and they have very good noses if they have any left lol
  16. if ya lookin 4 sum gd ferreting dvd's try ebay [bANNED TEXT] i gt a load of der for a gd price
  17. any one no any gd methods or bait for catchin big carp ???
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