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  1. no probs mate these go on the ends of the net to pin it down and then used to gather the net back up on ready for the net drop and depending on the size of the net im sure its one pole to every 7 yards might be mistaken but im sure some on here will no for sure and gd straight hazel sticks left to dry are a good and cheap way of doing it
  2. anyone after longnet pins please pm me they have 3 1/2 inch rings 10er for a pair free P&P accept paypal
  3. thinking of geting these for me lurcher as he has one 2 many bad habits and ive heard there a handy bit of kit to have anyway think these electric collars be ok for a bull x? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/PRO-TWO-Dogs-Remote-...A1%7C240%3A1318
  4. got a gun pump for sale i paid 150 few weeks back lookin for 100 pm details
  5. my greyhound is also the same was wondering what to do my self
  6. :L i think i know who this is dont worrie bud they aint the clowns foxes they dont get any to put in bushes
  7. the hound is these pics i dont own anymore a top feller on here doozer has him now just fort id put sum pics up for you to see mate hope he stil working well for you
  8. blackpacks terriers Rip nip mine and blackpacks dogs [bANNED TEXT] pups
  9. sorry bout taking so long can only upload one pic a time
  10. second fox at 12 month doubled up with blackpacks old dog
  11. just posting few preban pics of me and blackpacks many good days hunting before the ban me bull x at 9 months
  12. jesus christ wtf is this site coming to i only asked if it can be done fort it was to ask for advice and that this site im considerin to not bother coming back on here after this well deffo wont be postin i been on here for a few years and ive noticed this not the site i joined at first !
  13. just wondering what to do to turn them up and can they be converted?
  14. got a webely raider with screw on silencer but the one i have itsnt very queit but someone said most silencers will fit if so anyone maybe got 1 for sale?
  15. just had one for crimbo only used once 45 and its yours can pay by paypal or cash
  16. if you dont want anythink lads dont comment they aint nicked either if u want anythink pm if you dont keep your opion to your selfs thanks i been on this site for a while now and ive sold alot of stuff and none of it bein dodgy but there is some cocky arse holes on here what reck it
  17. right then few nice jackets,jeans,tops,t-shirts all new and genuine some nice camo type jackets with hoods 20with p+p jeans 18quid with P+P tops £16P+P grey addict hoodie's £20with P+P grey addias trackie top 20 with P+P
  18. hi all ive got the 2 shot raider with a threaded barrel as it just screws on but the one i got on it isnt very queit but i been told most silencers will fit on it as it screws on anyone got one to sell or recomend one?
  19. lightforce striker and rip a 12v 17amp battery outa a car jump pack around 20 quid and striaght onto the battery best thing ive ever done and will last a few nights lampin charge off car charger
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