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    shooting snaring ferreting gimping ,just the usual sort of touching sport ha ha hah ha ,just like been out there doing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. no dan it was altogehter we had more pheasants and ducks on the lorry for 2 syndicates am in they were about 2.30 ish , runsatnite are you speaking from bad experience ,tell me more thanks pm if you want .
  2. we have had our birds for the last few years from here ex layers around 1000 they were fine in previous years but this years are a heap of shite bear backs poor condition one even had its leg snapped which did happen from there end ,yes i know there ex layers , anyone had theres from them this year , we certainley wont be handing over 5grand to them next year , the guy was no help what so ever , as said anyone had them this year
  3. messers all of them except woodga of course ,i that shed does need a clean ,good to see ya TP if only for a short while i had to save up tho for two years to buy you them books i came with ten left with one a good swap me thinks ,am pleased you had a good time ,colin is always the hostest with the mostest , til next time forgot to say china put on alert for the next time you up to increase tea production for your next visit lol
  4. some good pictures there leveller good to see your still doing a bit
  5. anyone have any they want to sell cheers rob
  6. from this to this is 10 months
  7. evening all yes am still here , been busy with two spaniels taking up all my time and doing me head in why did i buy two , am still shooting and have now joined the full bore brigade and have A remy 700 in .243 varmint . had a really good time recently practicing me snaring on some tricky ground , thanks for the interest friends , all the best the stella meister , thanks again rob
  8. not seen there scopes but i had a look through a pair of binoculars they made seem decent glass quite clear for the money
  9. pat i take all the ones i shoot out, am sure in the olden days they were used for writing or painting to get a fine line being stiff. i have just glued two to my ngo metal badge, one day hope i can put four there , i hope so as the woodcock is my favourite sporting bird .cheers rob
  10. hi mate i have the canon sx100 and am quite happy with the results yours must be the newer model
  11. i been told the ucaller eye filter 170 will fit straight on to my lightforce striker anyone know who sells the cheapest i will be buying 8 at the right price , i have tried lr active ,pm me if you want cheers rob
  12. if its this far north pop in and get the book
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