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    whats a good music download source!

    I also use Bitlord and have had no problems. Try Minova.com and torrentpond.com ... for all latest movies and music

    OLD V's NEW

    Well ive spoke to simon about the misunderstanding and he assured me he has never mentioned what he accused me of since we last spoke nearly 2 yrs ago. He seems to think its other people going over old ground to try to get at him because hes no longer on the net forums in any way or form, What i think of simon because of what happened ill keep to myself, though i wont let it bother me,water over a bridge, lifes too short and all that blah! What i will say is if anyone has heard what im suppoesd to of said id do.... ITS ALL LIES! my oppologiies to mr hubury,.. my fault for not reading the thread completely... Lamps

    OLD V's NEW

    Simon whitehead is a liar....... I am the person he accused of saying id poison his dogs......im disapointed he is going round still saying this happened when it never. ive still got the pm he sent to someone else saying id said this when i NEVER. I spoke to simon on the phone personaly and asked him to explain himself to me. he made his excuses and said to me hed took certain things the wrong way. People who know me personaly would know i think too much of any canine,be it flea ridden or not to ever consider doing what he stated i was gonna do. During our conversation he appologised to me and said it was a misunderstanding [thats if accusing someone of threatening to poison there dogs could ever be a misunderstanding]and it will never be mentioned again.Im a nice guy and gave him the benefit of the doubt! Now someone on here {john Hubery] is quoting his lies...i cant believe it. Simon is obviously more twisted than i ever thought he was?? looks like im gonna have to phone him up and sort it out again cus if hes said this to john hubury..who else has he said it to?.... what is he trying to achieve,..god knows. whether hes actually quoting my name when hes stating this cock and bull story i dont know,..but i am now taking this personaly? call me what ever you want....but to accuse me of this like he did is the lowest of low. God im angry..... Lamper

    shit happens

    Realy feel for ya mate! RIP WILLOW. Lamps....

    collie x grayhound

    is that from Dingo s kennel Dingo did breed the dog........Shes the best out the litter.......so ive heard

    collie x grayhound

    Heres mine.... that im running at the moment.... Lamps


    mines a 1/4 kelpie x 3/4 whipp/grey. them two have a couple of old mongrals Your not wrong tomo.....i wont be caught out again though mate! Lamps


    Thanks for the invite tomo mate.and the nice Pan of tea Pity about the weather....but youd never get out otherwise! Lamps
  9. Look at some of these working collies that are on the hill , day in day out...are they fit? ..do they looked ripped as people call it? Dogs come in a great many shapes and sizes..... witton....you talk shite mate Lamps
  10. LAMPER

    last night

    Myself and breeze took our collie curs out last night for a few runs on the lamp. we aint lamped this land for a good 6 weeks so we was hoping to get one or two in the bag. After a day of relentless rain the going on the fields were real heavy. Not the best of running ground anyway, but with all the water about it made it quite difficult. Saying that both dogs ran real well tonight and their catch rate was excellent for this adverse ground. On more than one occassion we were holding our breaths as the dogs took a tumble At one point i thought my bitch donna had hurt herself real bad, but she picked herself up and even went on to catch the fleeing rabbit. Both dogs realy did need this comitment tonight, these rabbits on this land know where there going and use every obstacle possible to make an ecape. Theres piles of bean sticks stacked in some fields and the rabbits will use these to throw the dogs if they can, as well as other agricultural crap thats left around. All in all an enjoyable night was had a some good sport.....finished with a respectable 2 dozen. sorry about the pic but the camera is a shitty old point and press.... all the best...lamps
  11. Thats a cracking catch rate for a canny little dog....well done hedge. How does the little bitch cope with retrieveing?,...does she struggle at all with her being only 19". I remember a friend with a similar type that also could catch for fun,..a little beddy x. After a dozen or so her retrieveing went a bit to pot, but shed still catch a few more. all the best .Lamps
  12. LAMPER

    when do you stop ferreting

    We had Does in young ferreting last weekend.....you just got to keep at um! Lamps
  13. My best dogs have always been ones ive reared and entered myself Saying that,. i have seen some realy useful canines in the past that had they been for sale and i needed a dog, i would of snatched there hands off! Thing is,. we all know how hard it is to get something of any calibre, and the pitfalls that usualy come along with trying to get such a beast. Even after all the hard work we put in we still rely heavily on good old lady luck! Why would anyone realy let something useful go! Saying that some idiots just cant see the potential that a dog of theirs has and do occasionaly decide to let go,..maybe these are worth a chance?? Lamps
  14. LAMPER

    What are you having ?

    were having a 3lb Seagull......its the only time people ask for a wing instead of a leg!
  15. LAMPER

    What kit do you wear in the field?

    Hate to break this to you compo....but ive been sleeping with your missus and her mate... we participated in a session of naked ferreting also!