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  1. stu_young

    Sent Out Letters

    there used to be a few years ago some body that done shooting business cards dont know if they still going thou
  2. stu_young

    This Is How To Deal With Sabs ........

    cant blame him at all, i would off done the same
  3. i use the hawke on my r10 and its a great scope
  4. stu_young

    100Yard Long Nets Quick Sett

    also looking for a quickset 50yd net if [NO TEXT TALK] has one knocking about
  5. stu_young


    one for the mole controllers my old dear has got to get some moles gone so i was wondering whats the going rate so she dont get ripped off
  6. stu_young

    Mk1 Ferret Finder

    mk1 deben ferret finder 8ft with 2 collars. its in perfect working order 120 ono posted will add pics later
  7. stu_young

    Coleman Northstar Duel Fuel Lamp

    where r u based dude
  8. stu_young

    Good Old Cps

  9. stu_young

    Roof Rack

    im looking for a roof rack to fit a 2005 Renault megen grande scenic if [NO TEXT TALK] has 1 cheap please pm me
  10. you want a jill to breed to build up your stock a jill can have up to 16 kits you gonna keep them all?
  11. im looking for dome mk1 8ftcollar caps
  12. stu_young

    Loomis Net Needle

    agout does have them but have been waiting over a week for a order so thought i wud try eslewhere
  13. stu_young

    Loomis Net Needle

    as per the title if anybody has one knocking about
  14. stu_young

    13 Snares £2.50

    yes please
  15. stu_young

    Bull X Youngsters

    nope you pay a fiver to be a donator