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    i flay a male finnish gosshawk, 3 gyr sakers a lugger falcon and a barn owl just for a bit of fun. i have hunterd with birds since i was 7 and hunted in general since before i can remember. it is a real passion of mine espeial with the birds i also have had lurcher from a young age and i now have a germanshorthaird pointer for work with the ever growintg me mbers of my falon team. i have alot of experiance with birds of prey and i am happy to help people out..

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  1. No I havnt will give him a try
  2. Hi all I know this is the long wing section but wanted to ask the question here aswell. Im looking for an imprint female spar and i was just wondering if anyone knew of an breedsrs. Also a thanks to everyone who posted on my last topic some time ago called teircil peregrine. Last year I bought and flew an imprint and he has been fantastic going up 700ft every time and killing hen pheasant mallard part rage and snipe. Great little bird bread by norfolk falcons and hawks thanks Ben leece North Wales Falconry
  3. Hi all looking for a female imprint sparrowhawk I've contacted a few breeders but are fully booked up. I was just wondering if anyone knew of breeders that I dont. Please post or give me a pm with anyone you know. Thanks Ben North Wales Falconry
  4. I have one in a kennal and he wined and was destructive but that was down to the position of the kennalbhe couldn't see me when I was out and about in the yard but i moved him to a new kennal in full view of the yard and he stood his winding and chewing straight away
  5. hpefully have a good day with all the falcons today. but u never know whats going to happen

  6. I have a gsp of 18months old he is a falconry dog so I have never trained him to retrieve but I have recantly got my shotgun license so I wanted to see how he is with guns so I took him to my local shoot to stand behind the gun line to see how he was. While I was out I gave him one retrieve and he was exelent. He was never trained from pup but he just has it in him. After a couple of weeks of small close easy retrieves on a shoot day. He is now the best dog on a days shooting. He will find any bird runner or dead and pick it up and bring it straight in. What I find very good is that if the bird is dead he will go straight in and pick it up but if the bird is alive he will point and hold his point for as long as I ask him to which is very important for the falconry work I do with him. I am also training a cocker spanial at he moment and i will throw the dummy out and he will pick it up and run straight back to me with no encoragement but I will then make a big fussof him before touching the dummy. Too many people go straight for the dummy without parsing the dog first. If you have trouble with the dog running away from you or dropping the dummy before reaching you then walk backwards until she comes in again
  7. I have a male harris flying at the same weight. He is never on the fist as ways loose and he has taken pheasant cocks and hens and also part rage but never in flight all ways on the ground I have never had to teach him to do it they all seem to do it with no problem. But thee not got a hope in help of pidgon I also fly falcons and have flown an array of birds since I was seven and have still never caught pidgon with any of them but also u need to use telematry no matter what your flying even if the bird wont go far I have had a email harris drag a rabbit under a bush if it wasn't for telematry I would have never found her
  8. I've never trimmed gallons before I see no need for it unless the are extreamly overgrown witch I have never heard of happening
  9. As much pheasant rabbit quail and rat as you can get also I feed makeral to mu birds throuout molt and have had fantastic results. No Ned for vitemin if you can get a diet like that
  10. i do suggest doing a lantra awared in falconry whick will teach you everything you need to know and also find a mentor who has experiance and learn as much as you can and get everything you need before you buy the bird
  11. i know its late in the season but i do offer hunting holidays in north wales there is a lovley band b just down the road that is very well priced and is dog and bird freindly if you want to get in touch with me then pm me anytime and i will get back to you as son as i can to ansewr any questions or arage a bespoke holiday for you and your birds thanks ben
  12. tack her down in weight half an oz at a time untill she is responsive to you all of the time as soon as your glove goes up she should be on her way if she is hunting at that weight then when you bring her down she will try harder more offften than not giving her more sucess. you can then after a few weeks start building her weight up aggain but aggain half oz at a time untill she messes you arround aggain you then know that thhat is your limmit for a little while
  13. i have two half wild polcats tteh came about bu a wild polcat getting into the huch and the captive jills getting pregnant. the fur is definate much darker than any other ferret i have evr bred berfore and also the face mask is much more pronounced. one thing i do notace is whenever you give them food in the mornig they will take it and stash it in there nest box emidiatly whilst the other ferrets we have will eat it where they are. they are very forward and not to warey but they have had a huge amount of handaling since ther were kits. i have also found that when i worke the half wild polcats they are much quicker through the warrens than domestic ferrets and they generally kill in the warren wich is not what i want i want my rabbits bolted for my hawks but these are just a few things i have noticed that are different to any ferret i have ever ownd before
  14. my immature mate goss has damidged his leg and he had to go to the vets. reluctantly i then had to hand over £102 for a 10 day corse of antibiotic and anti inflamitry. he will be out of action for two weeks just as he started to catch game and rabbit on a regular basis. sods law i surpose. fortunatly i have 5 more birds to occupy me wich is a good consilation i surpose. cant wait to get him back into the swing of things. hes only been off for two days and im missing it allready hence why i have desided to make a blog as i have alittle more time than usual . will keep you posted on how it heels.
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