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  1. Flew my female every single day,even got game under her and took her weight right up well over her best response weight and mine did the same,send her out to a mate for a few weeks she may go silent when you get her back..good luck.
  2. Lewdan. You have pm thanks
  3. Seen this dog work for over the past few seasons,who ever has him will not be dissapointed,I'll be sad to not see him hunt anymore,he was an asset when I hunted him under my hawks aswell and if I had a kennel he wouldn't be up on here.
  4. I decided to borrow an air rifle off my mate to get out of the house as my hawk died last weekend ! Jesus Christ after 3 hours walking around some barns I can hardly feel or lift my arms ! I can't remember feeling like this worth my s410 k I can tell you, When I got home I put the set up ''hw90 k and lamp ''on my falconry scales it was a fraction off 13 LB I don't think I'll take it bout for that long again,or I may just invest back into another PCP,any of you guys rate the BSA ultra at all ? Always had air arms myself..
  5. And I booked 3 weeks off with the company starts DEC 14th..I booked this back in July as I thought I'd get some quality time in with the hawk & ferrets ! Can't change it now either,wouldn't have minded but in 8 years running the company I've never taken any leave !
  6. Funny you say get a catty,been looking into a good air rifle again to get on the rats when the moon is up and the frost is down and I can't lamp my lurchers...
  7. That's what I'm going to do mate,I have enough to carry on with with the terriers & lurchers anyway but every sat & Sunday was like a ritual with getting out hawking,I have decidedbthat once my old terrier goes I'll have no more and I have one old lurcher here 14 and he won't be replaced either so I'll be down to just a very small pack,I'll be able to get even more hours in on the glove then. I'll rip down all the plastic sheets in the mews and may even re design it all beg of the summer,but it will give me a chance to re group/re gather and re think ''so to speak''
  8. Pointer I absolutely totally agree with you,my wife was just as upset as me,I think she's seen me try my hardest since last Christmas ! And she was throwing me off the kitchen table every morning & afternoon as I would write down and update my hawking diary and she knew how much it meant to me.. I keep on looking at bird trader & other bird sites and just read adverts thinking shall I or not.. Its been a terrible year hunting wise,between the hawks and the terrier & lurcher teams not turning up on certain days just had enough of it all.. I'll see what happens in the next few months and if I still miss the thrill of my Sunday mornings hawking then I'll be looking for a genuine harris hawk breeder NOT BIG NAMES but something out of working stock and I'll be having a male never a female again.
  9. I didn't want to post on it all as I'm slightly depressed to be honest, I text crow a few days back letting him know the outcome. I decided to send her to my mates not far away to see if a change of scene would do the trick,on sat last I arranged to collect her so being only a few mins from my place my mate decided to bow her out ready for me to come and collect, Only problem was his son came back with the terriers and on getting to the front gate had left them off (son not knowing) my hawk was on bow in back garden ! When I arrived the terriers ( 3 ) of them had killed her.. Obviously it was an accident and how can I shout at a 14 year old Kidd as he didn't know the hawk was on bow ! For the past 4 days I've wondered where it all went wrong around & around in my head feel lost going up the sheds and not hearing bells,or setting my day up with going bout just flying,and Sunday ohhh was such a depressing day for me weather was good plenty to go at and no hawk ! I've washed all the mews out today and all my equipment and decided to store bit awawy I just fell beaten, Since loosing my best hawk last Xmas day its just been a mess its all gone to Rat Shit.
  10. Makes no difference on times with feeding,I only ever feed her whilst she is flown,some days its mid morning or late afternoon...
  11. Yeh she did take after a week or so after the manning and fitness training,I've changed my routine, adopted different methods around the mews,fed her differently in the last few weeks and she seemed to be getting worse..
  12. I fly her every day so giving her kills every day would be impossible, the hawk wouldn't know the difference from a hunting day to a non hunting day if you know what I mean.. She's had a kill every week for the past few weeks.. Rabbit Pheasants Crow I give her the opputunity to kill every day almost, she does go after quarry almost every day she's flown regardless.
  13. My mews is fully enclosed with just two sky light panels fitted,I took her out just to exersise her this afternoon and she's started to call in the box aswell now. I've got no falconry/hawking guys near with room to take her for a week or so,so she's going into one of my mates sheds and try and see off that will break her over the next week or so.. Fingers crossed
  14. Now I'm starting to run out of options I've taken some good advice ''crow'' and she's still the same,getting to the point that I can't be bothered to even get out hunting today,talk about getting depressed ! How much longer I can do this I'm not sure.
  15. Thanks for that chat crow,I shall try what you sujjested right now..Fingers crossed..I'll text you my number later
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