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  1. sallie


    hows it all going with funding etc this is going to be a long battle and a lot more money needed i would have thought.
  2. sallie


    I have been telling folk for years about how crap the RSPCA is perhaps the message is getting through as i am frequently saying on twitter and FB to friends once they realise what they are like they stop donating. They should be shut down with immediate effect.
  3. sallie


    I remember back in the late 60's complaints about the RSPCA, its amazing how they get away with it. Cover ups all the way. Its unbelievable the amount of land and property they own. The idiot do gooders that work for them who dont have a clue. Wishing you all the luck in the world to get the b*****ds.
  4. I have chucked them before the dogs had chance. No the breast hadnt been taken out. It is indeed very strange.
  5. Ive just been into my fields and found a pair of freshly shot pheasants tied with string. The belly had been slit. I cant understand why they were in my field. Why would they be slit as i thought they had to be hung. Im just hoping that someone hadnt put poison in them to get my dogs. It is very strange indeed but may be not to you guys. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  6. Thank you Paulus hope it keeps progressing well.
  7. sallie


    OMG i am so sorry to read this and will support in any way that i can. I think we all knew the RSPCA was shite but........................
  8. It looks very similar to the scotty cramps as you say very interesting reading.
  9. My patterdale does this without the vomiting or what appears to be like yours, hers is not a fit its a scotty cramp as diagnosed by the vet, when she goes out and gets over excited she goes into what appears to be like a fit. However once you calm her down she is fine. This is hereditary but she can live with it but you would never breed from her. I hope yours is not a fit but it does sound like it. Hope it all works out in the end for you.
  10. eggstrodinary eggsamples not what you would call eggsemplary behavior.
  11. ponies have been found and returned to there owners. Thank you.
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