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  1. where will i get sealkit for my hw100?
  2. When i went to charge my gun up,the dust plug snapped.I tappedit out and got a new plug but it is now leaking quite badly from the plughole,both with the plug in or not.Is this something i could tackle myself? I did read further down this forum that it can be caused bt a bit of debris jamming the valve,anyone got any thoughts?
  3. theres two black bull xs ,look like theyve seen plenty work, been picked up near grantshouse, ,scottish borders/eat lothian, any one lost them?
  4. Thanks for the replys, tried it tonight and twisting the lamp head seemed to cure it.
  5. Can anyone tell me where to get a decent bulb for a striker? The one i just bought is useless, gives a ring of light with a large duller ring in the center of the beam. It was a 100 w osram buld,
  6. I live in berwick and there has been trouble with pikeys driving a transit sized vw van, pale green, ladders on top and a dent in the side where they were rammed when a local keeper caught them trying to get his dogs, This was a few weeks back, but i saw the van again this week locally.
  7. i got done in scotland in the eighties with rabbits, not as game, they used the night poaching act from the 1800s. Also i hear some lads from the n/e lost dogs at lowick near berwick a bit ago.
  8. diffs are hopeless on freelanders,they break incessantly, gearboxes can be iffy on rangers, 5th gear fails, id agree 3.1 trooper takes some beating, make sure the chassis is ok though,especially at the back end.
  9. i've got a 3 year old 3/4 whippet- 1/4 beddy that i got from kennel maid on here,think that was the name anyway. he is a funny little dog and i took a long time to warm to him, after i went out with bigears and saw his beddy dog working i realisedthat most ofhis funny ways came from the terrier. He is terrifically keen, a little too much maybe and he has had some terrible injuries, he looks a bit like frankensteins dog with all his scars.
  10. used to kill a lot of mink on the local beaches with my dogs and they are tough little fuckers, would'nt put my ferrets near them.
  11. I am working my potting/netting boat singlehanded and there is always the possibility of ending up in the gear when shooting away so i want a good knife to hang around my neck, to cut myself loose if need be. Any suggestions?
  12. i heard ,on radio 2 news,that four lads hadbeen arrested for killing wild animals and pets. they took 6 lurchers and 2 labs and a cannibis plant.
  13. i,ll take these,tried to phone you just now but got answerphone
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