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  1. D.Cashmore and D.bolton stand corrected...D.Burton
  2. pbrookes...beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
  3. Long Itchington show (warwickshire) this bank holiday mon...terrier and lurchers are cancelled this year...rest of show going ahead as normal
  4. GTE ...note to one self...MUST NOT DRINK AT SHOWS!!!!! Burnie....it was said judge taking advantage of me being slightly tipsy and encouraging me to be an idiot argh!!!!!
  5. Grant...each and every show in Scotland could have a qualifier...they only have to ask...barrie does not put any limitations on them
  6. Terrier and Lurcher show has been cancelled...all last years trophy winners hang on to trophies till next year
  7. make your mind up.....you tell everyone not to go cos i will win...then say i mustnt have picked the judge...you cant have it both ways
  8. Right GOBSHITE!!!!! Havent been on here for ever..and dicks like you are why i dont!!!!!Very obviously you are someone that knows us very well to name all my dogs(unless you are a f@@king stalker) As for never winning anywhere else..what a load of bollox!!!!! And as i have no intention of going to Highclere am gonna find it bloody hard to win!!!!...unless you reckon i can still win when not present,, I re-iterate...you obviously know me..pm me...but i suspect i am right and you are a spineless piece of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After yesterdays events ..i cant believe im arguing with some piec
  9. badger digging with terriers..harcombe...fab read and some cracking old pics
  10. shes a good little grafter bbb had many a good hunt with her and rarely gets injured, shes lookin good dezz ..
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