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    Rural walks/hikes camping and catching dinner. Dusk walks are my fav with my slingshot that never strays far from my handbag.
    I'm an artist whos from a rural background and grew up knowing how to care for animals as well as take some for the pot. I enjoy nothing more than a walk out with a dog (though I a currently doggless =( ) Will be looking forward to being in a position that I can own a dog again in a couple of years. Currently just air rifle fun for me.
  1. Astral

    Lifting The Ban

    Catching more and more of this in the News mind http://www.westerndailypress.co.uk/Hunt-ban-repeal-likely-soon-long-Scots-don-t/story-26512599-detail/story.html Hunting ban repeal almost certain Hunt ban repeal 'likely soon' - as long as the Scots don't get involved By TristanCork | Posted: May 15, 2015 Devon and Somerset Staghounds Comments (3)The ban on hunting looks almost certain to be repealed – as long as the new army of Scottish National Party MPs keep their promise not to vote on English laws. But repealing the ban on hunting could be the first issue to spark the division of the United Kingdom – if those SNP MPs do step in and vote with anti-hunt English and Welsh members. A free vote on the Hunting Act was promised in the Conservative manifesto and sparked a huge number of hunt supporters to volunteer in their thousands to help campaign for Tory MPs across the West. But the early indications are that if a free vote was held it would be on a knife-edge – if the Scottish MPs joined in. Read more: http://www.westerndailypress.co.uk/Hunt-ban-repeal-likely-soon-long-Scots-don-t/story-26512599-detail/story.html#ixzz3aUGtMsHV Follow us: @WesternDaily on Twitter | WesternDaily on Facebook
  2. Astral

    What Catty Is This?

    Milbro normally have markings though? Looks like a copy to me.
  3. Out lamping rabbits with a friends lurcher tonight! First time in years feels like xmas!

    1. Mr Wilkes

      Mr Wilkes

      So...how did it go ?

    2. Astral


      We caught nothing lol. The pup wasn't quite on the job that day and the rabbits were ALL sat right next to the flipping hedges. Still out till 3am and had a couple of runs worth getting excited about. I loved it!

  4. Astral

    Canada Under Attack ......................

    What Im worried about is Remembrance day is coming up in a couple of weeks =(
  5. Back from the Midlands Game fair with a shiney new scope to try out!

  6. Astral

    Wild Rabbits Wanted

    Set a few legal snares buddy, then you should get a nice lively bun. What you got planned for lives ones?
  7. Astral


    This needs to be on the news
  8. spring is in the air!

    1. paulus


      yep can tell its raining lol

  9. Astral

    How Much Fun Could This Be!!

    LOL! Thats evil!
  10. Astral

    School Wall Collapses On A Girl :(

    Budgets are to blame, though safety needs to remain PARAMOUNT so in my opinion the school is still to blame here. No chance they didn't know about the danger waaay before anything happened. I don't understand how something like this can be allowed to happen, yet kids can barely do anything now without health and safety finding a way to stop any freedom or fun.
  11. First whiff of wild garlic in the air, looking forward to my pheasant breast and smoked cheese bacon wraps!

  12. Well as a country lass if I was in the area I'd be inclined to go show my support and let them know there are people other than antis out there who support the traditional butchers. As I said, Im lucky my butcher here still hangs games, and knowing the sort of gentleman he is, I'd absolutely die laughing if I could watch somebody tell him to take it down! As for the women on about the pigs seeing pigs.... Its this very form on anthropomorphism that actually is damaging to animal welfare. Like the veggie that fed her cat fking vegetables till it nearly died. THATS cruel. I am pro animal welfare, don't get me wrong I'd be the first one to speak up if I saw genuine cruelty to animals. There is a difference between being cruel and the cycle of life. You can be a humane hunter, and thats what they cannot fathom. What gets the antis backs up with me is I will still go out and happily shoot fluffy the bunny in the head, take its guts out skin off and eat it with some nice herbs and a side dish. Because I am a meat eater, I was born that way, and I have a desire to hunt my own dinner. Which is a LOT better for animal welfare than me buying what may or may not be "chicken" from a mass farm somewhere in China. It really pisses me off that they cannot see what I am doing it better for the fking animals! He should have stuck to his guns.
  13. DEATH threats?? What is wrong with people?
  14. Just glad the butcher in the Forest I use still has rabbits and pheasants up outside ad in the window. I would LOVE to see somebody tell him to take it down.
  15. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2566242/The-market-butcher-forced-stop-displaying-meat-game-townies-object.html Market butcher forced to stop displaying meat and game because 'townies' object: Family firm targeted with anonymous hate mail because of carcasses hanging in the window JBS Family Butchers spent hours each week perfecting window displays But it has been hit with anonymous hate mail and people hurling abuse Unplucked birds and pig or deer heads were hung up in the shopfront Assistant manager of butcher's in Suffolk says staff have been stunned Not sure if its already been posted, but wow are people that disconnected from their food?! It fine if it has TESCO stamped across some miscellaneous grey meat matter drowned in breadcrumbs but god forbid you see the face of the creature your steak came from. People are utterly ridiculous, Do they not understand you can't plat a flipping beef tree!