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  1. Finally gave into the young lad and brought him out for an hour with the pup both having there first nights lamping, not ideal conditions and a bit early but delighted with the pup 3 from 5 runs and loved how he rattled the ditch for the last bunny and the young lad loved it, jaysus good to be back!
  2. 22 inches built like a tank though bred off blue pride of Ireland whippet archives on Google for the sire
  3. No kc lines just worker to worker father is "blue pride of Ireland" don't know a whole lot about him but you know yourself!
  4. Here's the whippet pup I'm running this year 9 months old anyone running anything similar? Cheers
  5. Hi I'm just after getting back into the game well on the way with a 3 month old whippet pup starting from scratch wondering if anyone in Ireland is working whippet types as I found it hard to come across a decent pup with a working background! Cheers
  6. I've been out of the game a good 7l8 years and having been looking for a dog for the past year had to pay 600 quid for a whippet pup from a working background which I thought was crazy surely it's all for the money and not for the love of the game!! Which means there will be a lot of shite flying around
  7. Heres my wheaton cross very powerful strong fast bitch i have her running hares daytime and i feel her strength is being wasted reason she up for sale
  8. Litter or six 5 dogs and 1 bitch one dog being kept for own use so i have 4 dogs and one bitch for sale they will be 8 weeks old on saturday should make excellent rabbit and hare dogs will not suit bigger game pups are 130euro picture of some pups and dam to follow
  9. Pups were born on saturday five dogs and one bitch, bitch and pups all healthy
  10. I could organise to deliver to armagh its not to far. let me know if your interested
  11. I have a litter of pups due this weekend out of my whippet bitch i am keeping two back for my own use and the rest will be for sale so i can see how they get on...They are Sire : saluki hound cross collie hound 26" excellent dog hes 8 and still working he was a brilliant hare dog never really lamped as it wasnt his job Dam : whippet bitch 21" inches good little lamping bitch, Hope to get the best of both with this breeding. both parents can be seen 130euro to cover food etc. Il put pics of pups and dam and sire up as soon as i get some
  12. what breed mate and where you based
  13. Just wondering if my post with this lurcher pup for sale was deleted and if it was then why
  14. Whats he working on any good on a hare...where abouts are you
  15. Not a bad looking bitch...how do you reckon shed fair out on a hare...?
  16. lovely looking dog he looks a bit like mine same breeding...what age is he...?
  17. I cant understand how you still have this pup looks like shes gona be a speed machine and a good ages with time left for puting your own stamp on her...my type of hound....wish she was in ireland
  18. Yeah hes coming on well should have a good bit of growing left in him cant wait to get him going next year
  19. Am not saying hares are easy on the lamp im simply saying there easier than a day time course....awell everyone to there own cant see anyone changing
  20. I can understand that when you doing a job for the farmer you have to do it well to keep your permission but if your out lamping rabbits away from that ground and a hare jumps would you slip like you say ther easy on the lamp?
  21. Jaysus he shouldnt be around for long i know a lad that would snap your arm at for the chance to get a dog retrieving live for training pups...if only you were in ireland youd be doing him a real favour....really nice looking dog...best of luck woth the rehoming
  22. It seems to be bigger in england than in ireland alot of people over here would have you shot for lamping hares as they are seem to be much easier to catch at night compared to day and i was brought up to never slip on a hare out lamping and i never would but thats just the way it is around here its just something you dont do.
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