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  1. https://www.gofundme.com/2msvc7w
  2. http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/friends-fisherman-who-died-speedboat-11855538
  3. http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/speedboat-tragedy-survivor-in-pieces-11834996
  4. https://www.(!64.56:886/events/665130486976296/?ti=ia
  5. On 31st August my husband and his best mate were involved in a horrific tragic accident while out fishing on their boat. My husbands friend sadly didn't make it, my husband also believed he would die, he was under the water and had given up hope, he couldn't hold his breath and had to breath - breathing in the sea water, fighting to get up to the surface but after holding his mate, who was unconscious and not breathing, for around 20 minutes, he was too cold and exhausted to fight - it was at that point the RNLI dragged him up and onto their boat - they also located Bill but sadly after CPR and fabulous care in hospital he was pronounced dead. He leaves his wife, who is also our very good friend. We are all utterly devastated, our grief made worse by our friends ongoing battle with breast cancer - she is employed but unable to work so is on statutory sick pay. With the already mounting bills the costs of her husbands very simple but beautiful funeral are proving difficult to meet. This is the reason for my post here, we've got a fundraiser in South Wales tomorrow with many prizes/items for auction from a play station to spa hotel vouchers with displays from the riding school horses, pony grand national etc. we've also got a go fund me page. All contributions towards funeral expenses and RNLI. I will post links to the event and the just giving - grateful for any donations and please share among your friends and family. http://cambrian-news.co.uk/article.cfm?id=108293&headline=EXCLUSIVE:%20Survivor%20heartbroken%20after%20fishing%20tragedy&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2016
  6. labsnlurchers

    For Sale Hunting Number Plate

    Do you still have the number plate?
  7. labsnlurchers

    Teckel / Dachshund Pup

    I do tend to have that effect on people...warm and fuzzy I'm just looking for a new 4 legged companion. We have 2 working lurchers that are kennelled and 1 non ped who is called princess (I picked the name lol), sleeps in our bed, wears pink and sparkly jumpers and, since we lost our old girl Niela last year (she was 13 and never wore a jumper in her life but in retirement was partial to a cwtch on the sofa) anyway...princess has been lonely so she needs a new mate. No need to be careful really x
  8. labsnlurchers

    Teckel / Dachshund Pup

    Teckel or Dachshund or similar
  9. Hi After the devastating loss, last year, of my girl Niela at the grand old age of 13 I'm on the look out for a bitch Teckel pup. Don't mind colour but would prefer rough coat and would prefer mini but will consider standard. Must be bred from Dna checked lines so no Pra or lafora. Prefer long breed history so no IVDD cushings or epilepsy etc. The right pup will have the best home possible and will be out and about with my husband trapping moles, ferreting and just general mooching about the countryside. Then it will be spoilt and pampered by me, it will sleep on the bed it will be carried around in my coat at horse shows and generally loved to within an inch of its life and dressed in cute jumpers etc It doesn't have to track or stalk or be super amazing at working but it absolutely HAS TO BE properly bred and healthy. If anyone has any pups or litters planned please let me know 07449097666 Thanks Amanda x
  10. labsnlurchers

    Night Vision Pulsar N750 - Offers

    Apologies for the delay....we're in Aberystwyth mid wales but can travel to meet potential buyers within reason
  11. labsnlurchers

    Night Vision Pulsar N750 - Offers

    Still for sale
  12. labsnlurchers

    Night Vision Pulsar N750 - Offers

    Still for sale
  13. labsnlurchers

    Night Vision Pulsar N750 - Offers

    Having trouble uploading pics from my phone. Can email pics if required.