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  1. cant wait for ma new pup 2 week t go

  2. [bANNED TEXT] son when we gan out for onother fat un or a few foxes giz a bell APD

  3. out lastnyt with this dog very hard 100% will not let who ever buys it down well worth the money
  4. price a know a pal hus after a dog this would do him
  5. like the pics lads any red stag pics any 1 run them pre ban ?
  6. i chuck myn in the local park and walk off now he jumps in before i get there haha
  7. doubt it pal my mates got 1 and we wer out the other nyt an it was far from wank
  8. thats dogs mint pal better lookin than any bully
  9. did anyone get 1 of the saluki bull grey's off noddy from this site av got one masell just wundad how the others are doing al put sum pics of myn up shortly
  10. ive had the pup a while now and he's great fit right in straight away cant wait till next season should be fun
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