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  1. ulverston moocher

    Pup Abandoned

    That lal dogs a real credit to you mate and I hope it does every thing you want it to.
  2. ulverston moocher

    update about craigyboy

    get well soon mate and atb for the future.
  3. ulverston moocher

    What killed our chickens?

    Highly unlikely that it was a ferret mate as a ferret goes into a frenzy when around poltry and would do the lot not one or two at a time and they tend to hang around so I think it would of been spotted by now and a ferret would also start eating the head.
  4. ulverston moocher

    Creatine, whey protein etc.

    I dont know if it is exactly the same for dogs as it is in people but I did body building for a while( with out any shit) and the bigger I got the unfitter I felt the extra weight left me knackered and joint pain was f*****g awfull, some one said to me the bigger the muscle the more oxegen they demand leaving you tired and moving slower, so I have never fancied having a heavilly muscelled up dog for these reasons, I think good natural size and fitness for my dogs that comes with graft and a good diet is second to none.
  5. ulverston moocher

    hope the new season sees some big bags but not looking good.

    yeh plenty of long ears here too, but the berts are looking thin on the ground its not looking to promising at the minute.
  6. Well boys and girls its nearly time to start putting a dent in the rabbit population but like the last couple of years the rabbits breed up numbers look good and then when were a couple of weeks of starting mixy pops its f*****g horrible head up terriers have nab'd a few this last week and suddenly getting out with the ferrets isnt looking to good its a bloody sickner.
  7. Hi guys right to start off with I went out lamping a few weeks ago and it was raining when I got home I oiled the gun down as allways and put it back in the cabinet, in the morning I got it out to go for a mooch and the bloody thing had dumped all its air it has done this once before and it was the two orings on the filling valve so I changed them and filled her up nd it pissed air out again and was empty(it was leaking from underneath out of the hole next to where the stock fastens back on) so I ordered a seal kit for it off ebay and the chart and diagram seem a bit hard to follow so I have replaced all the seals I have come across and tryed to match the ones I have taken off with the new ones I just put it all back together and there is still no change its still leaking just as bad so where would be the best place to get it cured and how much would it cost roughly and does any body have a number. sorry it ws a bit long guys and thanks in advance.
  8. I went sunday as well good day out as is every year but hell it was shitty.
  9. ulverston moocher


    not trying to be a dick but just looks like a normal sized jill to me,
  10. ulverston moocher


    get it fired into them mate it will do them no harm.
  11. ulverston moocher


    I have had people bring ferrets to me that they cant handle and 9/10 times it is through lack of handling and a lack of intrest I allways feed them up a bit I find that it makes them a bit more placid and then handel them little and often and then when they come right i cut there feed down a bit.
  12. ulverston moocher


    well upto now it is still on bud, its genrally a good day with a good turnout so finngers crossed the wether will be fine and it should be a good crack.
  13. ulverston moocher

    Chicken coop for ferrets.

    I have the same coop as in the picture but I have boarded the back and the end in the run part I have replaced the mesh with some better stronger weld mesh and I have boarded the floor of the run and it is spot on.
  14. ulverston moocher

    Coniston country fair

    they allways put it in the countrymans weekly mate thats were I find out every year or they put signs out advertising it nearer the time, do you go to torver as well bud.