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  1. On 06/10/2021 at 15:43, Lenmcharristar said:

    So fury or wilder in this one at the weekend, wheres yer money going lads??

    Fury, think he knock out wilder round 7,   have they had they weigh in yet? How heavy fury going in at, and as wilder gone in heavier, he said  he was to light in there last fight? 

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  2. 4 minutes ago, gnipper said:

    There's plenty being bred now with no show stuff in them and without the weak back end they were getting bred for by the show types.

    yes regards  the gsds they have lot of health probs true , and its only common sense  to use any dog to create  a lurcher thats healthy  to start with. Most on here know ive got 1x gsd x grey  Buck , he 9 now , he  done what i wanted , good mooching dog, great lamping dog , when he was younger run all night long no prob, so good stamina, agile for big dog, pick rabbits up easy great feet/coat  and not bad pace, he take what ever you slip him on,  all in all a good dog. Regards  HD and elbow probs that in gsds , i asked 2 vets about the above if he  the same probs, both said if did get HD and elbow probs, it wouldn't  be no where as bad as pure gsd , as he is a hybrid = mongrel . his dam  the gsd got East European dogs in her ped, that were bred as working dogs, his sire the greyhound  Razzmatzz  good distance greyhound , so he well bred dog. the only reason  i wanted the gsd x grey lucher , is ive had and got collie x greys, and ive never really got on with there temps, ive had bullxs and there been good dogs, but i found lacked stamina for long hard night, and had crap coats, but i found the temps suited me better, but thats just me, suppose looking back maybe a collie x grey x pit x grey would have been a good choise , but back then there weren't that many bred that way  15 years ago.  maybe if you wanted a gsdtype lurcher and healthy type dog maybe a bel mal x grey or a dutch herder  might  be the way to go ? but only going from on dog , get the right type gsd put that to a running dog and you get a good knock about type lurcher . o ne more thing  apart from most  sight hounds = greys, whippets , saluki's  etc , alot of other breed get bad HD / Elbow probs mid - large , i even had it in a pit bitch i had , so it not just gsds that get it   fact .

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  3. 6 hours ago, Busher100 said:

    If you only have space to kennel the one dog a well bred fast type bull x will do most things 

    deff mate, well bred pit x grey x coursing  type lurcher , will catch you most stuff you run, deff in the lamp, if just after few rabbits, few birds  day/night  a well bred collie x grey or collie x lurcher  are spot on more so as well with ferreting  job. i ve had both xs , so i know what they can do, but a well bred lurcher x lurcher type  from proven parents  that do al quarry is where to get your pup .

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  4. 2 hours ago, Stone14 said:

    I love the GSP but read that they can have issues with separation anxiety when left alone due to their bond with the owner? I know any dog could devop this but it seems from what I hear it can be a more likely issue with them?

    what about the gwp  , there different mind set than the smooth  , from what few people say, tougher type dog , and make good watch dog as well .

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  5. 1 hour ago, Lenmcharristar said:

    He needs to and go in with a foreman like attitude and if he loses well he can bow out gracefully

    100% mate ,  i thought if didn't start throwing big right hands , and use his extra height/ weight  he be in trouble as the fight went on, i told my wife he lost this to night , and i was right . if there rematch he got to go out and try to knock  Usyk  out with in 3 rounds. But again it shows Aj not got good chin  , ok he didnt go down , but he was in trouble from them left hand jabs, Usyk  wasn't tested  last night from proper powerful  heavyweight , we dont  know how good his chin from  heavy bombs .?  I still think Fury will be the world champion with the 4 belts ok he got to get past wilder , and i think he will. Fury will fight Usyk  like Aj should have done  and use his size on him stop him   latter rounds TKO , as  Fury not natural big hitter like Aj  is,  i still think Aj should  pack up and move on to other things with TV etc he got money/ fame now and only young bloke. regards this crusier v heavyweight thing etc,  i know they fight at 14st 4lb = 200lb  , but him putting on 20lb  didnt seem to slow him down, and plenty powerful enough , Ali fought at 220lb so did iron mike, so 15st 7lb man plenty big enough , any man go  down from from a good  punch of a 210lb man  fact .:boxing:

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  6. 9 minutes ago, jeemes said:

    Too right.



    11 minutes ago, jeemes said:

    Too right.

    Usyk  will loose to Fury when they fight next year, and Fury will hold the 4 belts, regards wilder and Aj, they be just not good enough, it wouldn't surprise me if Aj packs up now he made his. Money and fame 


  7. On 20/09/2021 at 15:02, gnasher16 said:

    I think Usyks footwork,power and accuracy might surprise a few people.....i wouldnt like to call it one way or the other but if Joshua cant get him out in the first half of the fight it could be a long uncomfortable evening for him.

    I was thinking the same Gnash, he needs to take  him out mid round   5-6 round, or Usyk could out box Aj, and get  TKO. Not sure what they gone in at  weight wise, think Usyk last fights was  15st 7 lb, think Aj going in at 16st 4lb,, with exta height 3in  exta  14lb Aj should have the edge, but like be Said Usyk great boxer   and strong/ heavier enough to stop Aj. 

  8. I think 250 quid. Not bad price for a pup today. I bought a bull x grey pup in the 80s of well k Joe Smith from Brum, from well bred dogs, it was 120 quid, so 250 today a fare price. But the prob is today, getting a good pup from lads that  doing a bit, you got to be in the click, and it can be hard if your not,  if they don't take there blinkers off🤔

  9. 4 minutes ago, NEWKID said:

    Are you ok mate??

    That's Greavsie and Boycie you missed today??

    didnt no Boycie  gone, should think Del boy+ Rodney  will raise a glass for him at the Nags Head  today..

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  10. 53 minutes ago, W. Katchum said:

    An just for record, yous all moaning about the royals, just for your info. They will outlive all is, don’t forget they are actually lizards 😁

    ho do you think it will go with Prince  Andrew , the yanks say the papers were passed to a copper on his door, wonder what will happen next ??

  11. 1 hour ago, WILF said:

    What makes you think they are pissing “millions” of People off ?

    Forums like this ain’t a microcosm of the wider world, they are a microcosm of a microcosm of the wider world.

    If anyone gave a shit really in enough numbers we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

    true wilf , but greb  on the money   mate deff , ive become far more racist  this last 15 years than ever , through this

    Surely they understand that in their quest to spread tolerance they are only causing more division!?!? 

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  12. 5 hours ago, Allan P said:

    I guess so be a good  learning opportunity for her , its not like I'm depending on the rabbits to live.

    well  Allan, personally  mate, i forget a lurcher , and get nice  bitch black lab, they work net no prob. i not a net man, but what ive read is that most hares or rabbits get tangled in the net anyway, so dog with good nose, and soft mouth, and retriever would be my choice . my 1xs  that the collie x , and gsd x both good nose, retrievers , the colliex  good ferreting/ lamping , the gsd x lamping   , dont get me wrong  i think that maybe the 1x collie x bryn , he maybe could work a long net at night with practice , but no way Buck my 1x gsd x grey  , one  its dark he full on for lamping to catch and kill what at the end of the lamp, if i was just after rabbits that night , he calm a bit, and bring them back live, but if you bumped into other stuff  1st , he be full on lol.no mate get nice lab bitch for the long net, infact  years ago , i met old Bert Gripton  just before he died, and he tell me and a mate i was with about old time poachers , that went out with black labs getting shot birds, long net  rabbits/ hares , it was only the  popularity of lamping 60s -------  now   , that changed night work with lurchers , and  that was my main thing lamping 0ver 30 odd years.! 

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  13. 1 minute ago, sid g said:

    heres another thought do you take a pup off 2 working parents with 3 seasons behind them or 2 parents that have never grafted  but have 6 generations of workers in the breeding . 

    fair answer sid,  now ive been reading on a apbt  site , where 2 well bred game dogs off  lines of proven dogs in the box, and yet out of say a litter of 8 pups, you might only get 2-3  real game dogs . the rest classed as curs , but them curs would be on different level to most type dogs. so  even the best dog and bitches lurchers , gundogs, terriers etc   still throw crap.  and in lurchers , i say up to 3-   5 year old there at there best, regards speed/strike , lets face it a 3 year old fit dog , should give you its best in the field , i should imagine  that would be the same as coursing dog, over 5 all dogs loose bit of pace. and regards teeth job , a dog can jack any time , if get wacked all the while  and not rested to heal proper, ive always thought my self try to get a pup from proven parents , but even from say 6 year old parent's , you still dont know if your pup will be as good as them .? 

  14. 9 minutes ago, baker boy said:

    He leaves behind his wife, Bernadette, and two sons, Laurent and Frédéric. As covered in a piece by The Guardian, Bernadette had a house custom-built, which she named Mas du bel athléte dormant — the 'House of the Beautiful Sleeping Athlete'.

    Bit fckn creepy that

    just read it again, i might be wrong here, but said  he was in coma for 39 years , he be just a shell of a human being   by now, ok with this virus now, and before the jabs, people who got it  who were very ill, were put in coma for 6-9 months , the woman presenter  on itv , her husband   just come out of his, think it was 8 months , ad he got to start to learn to walk and help with his speech etc, but feckin 39 years why keep him alive ? maybe i wrong  but dont think so .

  15. 2 hours ago, OldPhil said:

     Dogs are funny old critters,..some of them are equally as mad as their owners😃

    Personally,..I can handle most idiosyncrasies that an otherwise, genuine working dog, might have,.but over the years..having had a preference for the Herding composites, I have encountered some strange behavioural traits..🤔 It kinda goes with the territory....

    The only thing that really messes life up for me in a jukel, is nervousness, and a spooky temperament...

    Most 'problems' are surmountable,..but if a working dog is temperamentally unsound,...it does make schooling twice as difficult to achieve...I guess we all like to be around bold, brave animals, that take everything in their stride,..sadly this is not always the case.

    In fact,.whenever I decide to move on an unsuitable cur to a pet home or to (somewhere else),..., I am always reminded of the fact, that as sane and sensible, temperamentally  sound humans go,...I'm actually none to fecking steady myself...🙄

    Stay safe now Brothers,...Winter is coming....🙏




    haha , like it phil  , i think we all bit unstable at times , life gets you down at times, i try to chill if i can now i am older , but nothing worse than a dog winding you up , hope ive learned from my mistakes , and next lurcher i get ( hope) ive picked the right pup ,  and we both can get on and gel .  but knowing me i pick the wrong fecker   lol  

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  16. 22 hours ago, Bosun11 said:

    Yep, i like a dog that uses a hedge or long grass or sommat. My path shitter dont like getting her arse tickled by grass and the other one loves it... 🤷‍♂️

    this post, made me feel normal  reading how these twats  wind us up. with me its old bryn, that twat never ever stops staring at me, i dont mean little glance, i know all dogs will want to know where you are, but this animal carnt walk a yard  with out keep looking back where i am, and in doing so he shit infront  of me as well. ive had the dog 14 years now, and i really do think this manic trait deff come from the collie, Buck my gsd x grey,  not as bad as bryn,Buck keeps aeye on me, but he will have mooch about , and shit well away fro , been long hard 14 years for me,  lesson from this dont have lurcher with lot of collie in it, 1/4 plenty .

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  17. On 01/09/2021 at 15:06, Trev70 said:

    I keep both mate , jills for little warrens and when I'm just having a little mooch and hobs when I'm out with mates working large warrens and warrens that you know will have wide tunnels like yesterday on sandy land. The fawn pup as just turned 6 month and only 19'' tts she's ACD x whippet greyhound collie whippet greyhound, the rough bitch is 21'' collie x whippet cross beddy whippet greyhound , the brindle bitch is about 23'' saluki x whippet greyhound put back to a greyhound.

    You dogs sound spot on, don't think you can beat lurcher x lurcher from proven parents, my dogs are 1xs,  mine do what there bred for,  but I do think regards the collix  1/4 plenty, you got it just right with breeding👍

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  18. 3 minutes ago, Greb147 said:

    Just the Stratton books and some of those American Gamedog Times books Ray. 

    Books like the Complete Gamedog are crazy money, feck paying that like.

    true,  like the price of dogs as well,  puts you off getting lurcher pup etc.

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