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  1. 47 minutes ago, Daniel cain said:

    Ray you ever thought about taking a few straws from Buck? Sods Law someone will want to use him when he's past it or brown breadūüėČūüĎć


    48 minutes ago, Daniel cain said:

    Ray you ever thought about taking a few straws from Buck? Sods Law someone will want to use him when he's past it or brown breadūüėČūüĎć

    pm  you.

  2. 13 hours ago, Blackmag said:

    I didn't know that Bryn had passed ray rip shame you never took anything from him or buck up to now 

    Yeh mate, he was 14 and getting weak not eating, vet said he get more weak, so said pts then. Yeh it¬† bloody shame not¬† getting any pups from him, he deff was great rabbit dog day/night, not many good 1xs about today, same as Buck he been¬† a good 1x, he caught every thing you slipped on when lamping. He near 10 now, I think he go quick the Bryn. As big dogs go quicker than smaller dogs, if get another dog be¬† small to mid size, just for mooching in the woods etc, no rush as yet,ūüĎć

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  3. 12 hours ago, dytkos said:

    No, me neither, R.I.P., Bryn, grand dog. Sad for you Ray.


    Yeh Dave, last Nov I had to pts, he was 14, he stopped eating really, went thin and lost his strength. Vet said he only get waker, so said pts then, had the fecker 14 years, big Buck missed him deff, it to took him  good 6 weeks to realise that he not at my property no more, he kept looking for him, I took Bryn out of his kennel 8 months before, as I knew it be better for Buck long term. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, Francie said:

    Some inni gs that socks,she face smoked to,makes you wonder lol

    deff mate, she smoked all her life, right up till she died. fookin me stopped smoking 33 years ago,  and my lungs are scared from the 15 years i did smoke?, but Christ you think that not smoked for 33 years they = lungs have  been back to normal as near enough?  so god knows what old dot lungs were like, i know i wont make her age,  i  just keep plodding on day to day .! 

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  5. thats good that , more so with smooth coat, that the beddyx whippet that 6 months old ? me self i always like a dog with good coat, both my 1xs had great coat thats 1x collie x grey old bryn dead now, and big Buck my 1x gsd x grey , both would dig down to what ever there lol, old bryn marked all these one morning, great nose he had so as Buck got great nose as well . all ways thought a beddyx whippet or beddy x grey x collie x grey  make great rabbit  dog day/ night.

    bryn again feb 20th  25 rabbis.jpg

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  6. On 30/03/2022 at 11:47, chartpolski said:

    What about this cyclist, who until last month was winning men's races, but has taken testosterone suppressants for a year and is now entering women's races, even though he is two minutes faster than the women ?

    Or the guy who went from men's swimming to women's swimming ?

    As far as I'm aware, neither has had any surgery or gender reassignment, apart from the testosterone suppression.

    Should it be allowed, or will it ruin women's sport ?


    Spot on, they should be banned from women's sports,  let's face it if he was Doctor, not many people would want to see him/her, they rather see a man doctor or a woman doctor. These freaks, wants be happy with body there born with, there poor feckers who got cancer, not long to live, would love to be in a healthy body, given the choise. 

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  7. On 28/03/2022 at 22:25, tatsblisters said:

    Poaching will never stop its the organised shoots and what's left of the hound pack's they will be trying to stop.

    I think the hunts¬† with fox hounds etc will deff go in the next 10 years, maybe fishing, but shooting will stay. There far to much money rapped up in it. Lurchers and terrier work gone anyway, a farmer carnt¬† even use a terrier or lurcher to kill a fox, that killing his lambs etc, only a game keeper can kill foxes, that killing his bird's, I was surprised by this myself ūü§Ē

  8. 12 hours ago, gnasher16 said:

    I dont know about the other breeds but i always feel sorry for Apbt's put in the pressurised day to day constraints of household,family pet dog life its not fair all ways round.

    spot on gnash,  any breed can do damage t a child or young person, just watch average size collie type dog, 23in 40lb thats not over big dog crunch a good size  beef marrow bone , never mind a child's face , bloody hell my big lurcher Buck , cracks them bones and eats the bloody things , he daft as brush with people/ kids and dogs, but he ever tried to bite a person  he do massive damage. i tell what few years back , i told you gnash , about a bloke who got a bulldog= apbt   he thought it was just leggy x staff, but i knew it was  pure pit.  well its temp was ok young dog not switched on yet, and it was playing with  Buck, well this dog no more say 50lb, was bloody strong dog, he was Buck like a bomb grabbing him wrestling etc , Buck was throwing him about, but this young dog  kept keep coming back none stop, it wore Buck out he was fooked lol , but i knew what  bull breeds can do, being brought up with them in the 60s. it only takes a second  and a  any dog can bite and  could kill a child , but a dog like this young pit , a child got no chance , we had staffs some were like apbts of to day leggy agile, but ours never came in the house they were kept in a kennel/ run  out of the way, and thats in my opinion  were dogs should be kept, if you want a good watch dog  get good old type jack x mongrel   stick them out side nobody get by your property ."  

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  9. 5 minutes ago, kanny said:

    Looks like they are trying to make Chisora  vs Ruiz , could be a war, depending  on which version of Ruiz turns up ...

    well, just watched a vid Ruiz in training , he looks  slim, and fast now, he deff give any heavyweight  probs right now.

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  10. 3 hours ago, BGD said:

    Can't believe Buck is 10 I still remember you first posting him on here, always liked that dog :thumbs:

    Thanks mate, yeh the big bugger coming to 10 this year, he still likes to mooch about in the woods, and knock out the odd munjack or fox, loves going out,. He not bad for his age, lost bit of pace now, but big dogs do quicker than small dogs. He be my last lurcher,  when he gone prob couple years,  I prob just get mongrel thing from the pound, that's if still want a dog, had lurchers over 30 years, let's hope I am still about me self by then lol

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  11. Had nice walk this morning, with Buck and little woody, by the sheep and lambs. Buck brill with them, get few lambs follow him about lol, and considering what he had his mouth on over the years, his training was spot on. I've always said Keep showing them, sheep and lambs all the while, there never to old to see them. Little woody no chance, sheep, cattle,  and especially hisses, any think that not a dog, he was rescue dog as I've said before, my lad had 4 years, I've had him near 3, I think he about 12, Buck 10 in august, I am 70  in august as well, we all old feckers in my gang lol. 




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  12. 5 hours ago, WILF said:

    Not f***ing soon enough !

    prob be London No 10   Boris  etc , get the 1st one in England,  then it should kick off , if the Yanks  back us, but dont forget, they only came in to WW 2  , when the japs  hit  Pearl Harbour  , so they might not go in right away, less Putin   sends few to the White house . ??   i really do think it will kick off,   with in the next  10 years deff .

  13. 5 hours ago, TOMO said:

    just checked on a calculator ...its 5.2 times bodyweight ...and of course not forgetting the sheer awkwardness of it ....i also think shes used a hook grip which puts tremendous pressure on the thumb 

    spot on , looked as awkward as hell and very easy to get a lower back injury  from it, she done brill deff  

  14. Just bit more update with this sheep post, was out today with Buck and little woody, like said the sheep are  with young lambs now, like  said Buck brill with them, woody not, so that prat stays on the lead. I did bump into a mate  and  nephew with young lurcher 3 month old pup, pup was OK just socialising with people and other dogs. It was nice friendly pup, Buck was good with it, woody OK. But I did. Notice that the pup was loose, no lead, and not showing any intreast in the sheep.  I said this all OK as yet,  but you should show the sheep under bit more control (lead) because, sooner or later as the pups gets legs, and agile  and wants to loose of bit of steam as they all do as they get  more mature, they see them wooly things as poss bit of fun. Sheep should 100% be shown with young pups in nice easy controlled state get the obedience in its head 1st, then shhep train, not the other way round. Few pics today 




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  15. 23 hours ago, Black neck said:

    Would of jacked if it seen my x ffs 

    haha  i ssould have got rid of the wife instead haha    like it , i did try muzzling  that kelpie/ collie x grey bitch few times, but like working round with apbt, but she was prob worse as she have people as well, most of  staffs and pit were good with people

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  16. 6 hours ago, toolebox said:

    To us they may well do but a dog is a very smart animal, one  who can be taught to do a huge range of "jobs"& when one gets behind a sheep he doesn't know its a ........sheep really ????......... think about it .....

    I think its important to remember each dog is different ,even if its a pure bred, some require a lot more training than others & without doubt all dogs working out in the field need to be under control at all times .That's the owners job ,if the dog runs amuck that's the owners fault & sadly some wont admit & own it, instead are happy to blame everything from the wind to what they fed the dog a week before .

    Bloody humans.......

    yes and no mate, yes all dogs are different . the main thing is more so a young dog, that been used on deer, ( yes) it knows the difference from a¬† smelly old sheep¬† , and a fallow or a roe, but some times if the bloods up, and it pulled couple deer , it could grab a sheep , not saying it would , but could in that 15 sec of madness . like said you got to knock it in to them¬† that sheep are a no no, and sheep¬†equals¬† pain. like right now lot of sheep got young lambs with them, Buck brill , ive had lambs following him about¬† and smelling him¬† lol,¬† little woody a no no, sheep, hosses, cattle anything¬† that aint a dog is fair game to that twat, but he was rescue even be fore my lad had him , think he 12 , Buck 10 in august¬† . Buck sensitive¬† dog, so it was easy to get into his head, he dont like getting a¬† hit , he as done good though, he nailed a fox through some¬† sheep the one night , came back with it through 2 fields with sheep in both .¬† now i had kellpie x collie x grey bitch, that¬†was head banger ok with me, but nobody else , had to shoot her in the end went for my wife + son, shame as¬† no prob with me, couldnt trust with people¬†, she took few foxes and munjack, this was in the 80s , it took 2 feckin good hidings before it sunk in , she was good then after that, like say all dogs are different , what say to anybody with young lurcher , you must keep showing them day/night¬† , do few stays right in the middle of the sheep, let the dog know there nothing to them, make them oblivious¬† to them , that the secret .ūüĎć

  17. 3 minutes ago, Gypsydog94 said:

    Completely diffrent law to England. They could use a pack of hounds to flush to guns. They want to remove that exemption to two hounds to come inline with England law. And remove rabbits so lurcher work will be pretty much illegal 

    OK mate, fair enough, that crap, hope they hunting people with dogs, can kick it out, don't end up like us, feckin lamping getting like day time running hares, with every fecker on your back. They only got to see a lamp=beam of light and they on the phone to the cops, was bad enough with keepers after you, and few farmers, now everybody on your back. I am glad in one way that I don't lamp like did¬† when. Ist started¬† 30 years ago, now it the odd night¬† out, but most times just mooching about woods etc, feel sorry for young people starting out today, I can see why lot of people drop out, with all the shit they get to day /night. ūüôĀ

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  18. I thought, hunting with dogs ban, was in the UK anway so Scotland in it anyway?. Rabbits are legal on¬† ground with permission, if not permission,¬† there included in the Ban with hares and deer, foxes,.¬† Think with terriers its foxes only to protect game birds. Sheep farmers not included, god knows why not,¬† when foxes regular kill¬† young day old lambs. ūüėē

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