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  1. On 25/11/2021 at 09:16, WILF said:

    That has absolutely nothing in common with tens of thousands of absolute animals invading us and making the gaff worse.

    100%,  suoopse them that do make it, are treated like dogs over here, by the gangers, stuck 12 to a room, just enough food, so they can work  18 hours a day. They not desperate, there fookin thick as short plank, to want that kind of life, and don't say it don't go back over to them, they must know they get a shit life lo ng term. Keep sending back, or let the seas sharks sort them out. 

  2. 12 minutes ago, dytkos said:

    f***ing hell Ray how bigs your living room? 😁 10 foot from the box lol I'm about 4 foot away and that's a 50 incher lol 

    Cheers, D.

    Here are Dave, 20ft length, 10ft wide. Plenty big enough for feckin spiders to hide lol



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  3. 42 minutes ago, dytkos said:

    Old boy I know got £2K in his hearing aids 😱 

    Cheers, D.

    And me Dave,  2k worth, 1k each ear, and tell something mate, even after this a fookin amount, it still wank, if watching telly, and I only say  10 feet from the box, I still have to ask my wife alot. of times what been said, it drives her feckin nuts, and telephone or. Mob talking a waste of time for me, it really bad. I be honest here mate, it had  major affect on my life, most times my wife as to deal with it, as carnt hear what being said, if my wife dies I be truly fooked big time, old age and what comes with it pure Hell deff 😒 

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  4. On 22/11/2021 at 10:03, gnasher16 said:

    It was a fair result mate we played ok for 20 minutes then Wolves just had us sussed out and deserved the win to be fair.

    I certainly dont think much of where yous are now sticking away fans,most grounds you get a goal end,what sort of view is this.....talk about stitch up the away fans,70 odd minutes of squinting through your fingers,like watching West Ham playing like that aint painful enough !!!


    IMG_4571 (1).jpg

    bloody hell mate, thats shit , suppose next time bring your shades down with, than at least you can see the game .!

  5. after beef marrow bones, just the knuckle ends really , Buck get stuck in to them , as he crunch most bones in two easy, the knuckles  are spot on for him ,  2 knuckles  last him 10- 12 days     perfect . since the  pandemic  stuff , struggling  to get any, and since old bryn died, he bit down , so couple bones to have a go at take his mind of it, i am  not far from  Hereford   17 mile away,   any way  thanks   Ray

  6. 5 hours ago, jackthelad said:

    what u hand feed every meal?

    thats what threw me, the way i read it, hand feed while training, which ive done with every dog,  dog like Buck easy anyway , so didnt need any treats  as he loves any type food lol, used give him pieces of chicken, ham, when stay, recall  training, he was natural retriever didnt need any treats . i could hand feed  is dinner if i had to , but the bonds ok with him and me, but he friendly with anybody  lol.

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  7. 6 hours ago, Daniel cain said:

    I give you and Arry a shout next month...should  be a couple of Russell pups here for you both if you want one each,I will send Arry home with a foolproof excuse for the wife 😉👍

    Thanks lads,  that's great offer D.C  top lad, there some great people on deff. 👍  Not sure what  I do regards another dog, I see  how it goes  next year, 👍

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  8. 4 minutes ago, gaza said:

    Sorry to hear Ray done the right thing though if only going to deteriorate. My old bull x was same age and I prob left it a week or so late with hindsight, ended up having a funny turn whilst  I was thinking about it. 

    yeh, you  not let them suffer, my wife said   he getting weaker every day , so do it now , it is hard to do after 14 years , but as to be done for the dog sake .

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  9. 1 minute ago, trigger2 said:

    Poor old Bryn lad. I spent many a hour in all weather's out hunting with you and Bryn mate. I really liked him and we had some cracking nights out. The night we done 71 local to me he give his all. 100% until he just couldn't run 1 more.

    Thanks Trig, yeh  he deff  filled the bag that night,  he was  fast and good wind for a 1x collie x grey. No Trig I didn't bring him back,  it was hard enough  for me getting there, never mind bringing back home, I got 14 years of memory's of him   so that do me. 

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  10. Thanks lads very much, I know few lads on here seen him and seen him work,   it quite with out him now. I separated him and Buck, 12 months ago, as I knew this day come, and Buck get used to kennel on his own,  so  got that right, as they been together in kennel 8 years. 

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  11. On 06/11/2021 at 10:36, sandymere said:

    As a approaching geriatric i recon active recovery is always best, just keep it sensible lol.

    Do you really think sandy, that keeping active in old age is the way to go lol. I was out for 2 1/2 hours mooching with Buck   this  early morning, the lads I was with think like you, that you got to keep  at'um lol, it OK for them  there   near 20 years younger than me, I feel my 69 years now haha, but I do think in all honesty that me been with lurchers / lamping for 30 odd years as deff, helped to keep me ticking over 👍

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  12. On 05/11/2021 at 17:53, jackthelad said:

    that thing that bird has ...feck nos how many pound what size ts ..sure hes said? dunno how no ones used that over a racy bull cross or coursing dog or even a greyhound ....watched him since he was a pup an always liked him so aye bird hope he still doing u a turn

    Thanks mate, yeh he still out there getting bit of exercise, funny enough,  I was out with him  early this morning having look about, was out 2 1/2 hours,  a real good mooch about, he  went flat out in few woods, he caught  fair bit of stuff in the dark, he got great nose, as most gsds have. Just put him back in his kennel with  a beef bone. The lads I was with thought he looked in good nick for a 9 year old dog, and even though he big lump  28in 88 odd lb  he moves quite quick, couple of the smaller beddy types were following him about, they know he find and knock stuff out of cover. Yeh   Jack    Buck x deff got lot to offer any  lurcher line, nice racy type bullx bitch go well with Buck. But it never happend with old Bryn, prob be the same with Buck. Old Bryn coming to the end soon, he 14 now, lost lot of weight, not eating much, don't think he be here Xmas, shame been great rabbit dog day/night, but he had good long working life. 👍

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