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  1. Hello chaps I am hoping someone on here will be able to help me identify this wood . It is about 6 and 1/2" across and was white when cut down yesterday but has oranged slightly. I thought it was field maple at first but after a bit of searching it looks more like norway maple any thoughts would be greatly appreiciated cheers Duncan
  2. I have picked a few walnuts from a tree near me over the last few years ,I just keep an eye on them until the casing starts to go brown then pick them. in fact the first year I found the tree there were a lot on the floor and the casings had rotted off so it was just a case of picking up them up . Mind you if you have squirrels it might pay to pick them before they get to hungry. I have never tried pickling them , I think you need to pick them when they are quite young for that
  3. On a lighter note ,we were once asked to do a busy road side .After being there for an hour or so the police turned up after having a call reporting a body in the hedge , turns out it was my dad lead in the hedge netting up !
  4. I think that is your bleed screw .you need to tighten it up then fill your gun, when its full turn off the main valve undo the bleed screw to let out the air left in the pipe then disconnect from the gun Duncan
  5. Cheers for that ,very interesting. In the wikipedia article says " Once the desired blood was drained from the patient, the operator would place a pin through the edges of the incision. A figure eight of tail hair or thread would then be placed over the pin to retain closure." So I presume it must also be done as some sort of medical procedure ? Duncan
  6. Stupid question , but why would you want to bleed an animal ?
  7. Cheers for the fast reply Moxy .Not sure what he would of used it for ,interesting though Thanks Duncan
  8. Do any of you chaps have an idea what this knife is for ,it was found in my grandads garage when it was being cleared out. The triangular blades are sharp. Cheers for looking Duncan
  9. dyer


    I do the coopers stout using dry spray malt instead of sugar ,lovely drink .Nice after only a week in bottles even better if you leave it for 6 weeks (very unlikely ) Duncan
  10. to keep the cost down ,get hold of an old file you can anneal it ( heat it up to red hot then cool it slowly ) then you can shape it re harden it . There are plenty of videos on youtube also this site is very useful www.britishblades.com
  11. Not a weird place but at the weekend I had to use a ladder to net some holes as they were about 8-10 ft off the ground up a vertical bank
  12. I always make sure mine are well fed aswell,so they wont feel the urge to feed down the hole if they kill. But when I was young my old man used not to feed his the day before to make them " keener ". to be honest I cant remember that it made that much difference
  13. We put an elastic band on each of our nets , then when you put a net over a hole put the band on your wrist then when you are picking up the nets take a band from your wrist and put back around the net .then if you have any bands left on your wrist you know you have a net left out .We have been doing this for about 4 years and it is a simple but very effective. Duncan
  14. I have the rowan multishot adapter and I have found it really good aswell .If you have a look on the airarms owners club forum you will find lots of info about leaks etc
  15. dyer

    gas rams ?

    I put one in my old lightening a few years ago and it made alot of difference ,a great improvement in my opinion. it did away with the twang and reduced the recoil
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