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  1. Im just looking to get out doing something, I dont drive mate but wouldnt mind a nyt out if your game il pay towards petrol money of course sure let me know mate
  2. Cheers lads, i live in randalstown tou i dont drive so cant travel farther than walking distance. Im just looking a bit of company for the odd outing either lamping ferreting if anyone can help out.... Cheers...B
  3. Yea well every dogs different mate just depends on that lol, i appreciate what your saying like dont get me wrong mate. But as other comments say mate just keep getting it out & atb....B
  4. I'm living in randalstown mate, I know a few people up this way like but just haven got round too getting out, I tend to prefer getting out on my own to be honest but wouldn't mind a bit of decent company for change lol
  5. Where is it at mate? & doubtful I'll be even able to get a way up to be honest unless I could hitch a lift with someone. Lol
  6. Fellas only asking fora bit of advice fs, don't worry mate get it out with you let it see some stuff and it won't be long forgetting about it, ;ust stick at it it will pull through you don't need to worry.. Atb.....B
  7. As above, I'm looking to see if anybody on here is from antrim or surrounding area geting out with the dogs, I'm looking to get to know few people up this way & maybe get out with them... Cheers...B
  8. Its not about this town that's for sure, iv asked near everybody iv seen and no one has seen the pup and its not in pound either, I've been in touch with mid antrim animal sanc incase they have came across it, someone has lifted it as nobody has seen her
  9. Scum wouldnt be in it mate hopefully get her back, nobody has seen her and she aint in the pound either so some c**t must have it fs well if yous can listen and watch out lads and any help or info greatly appreciated lads
  10. My lurcher pup has been stolen yesterday morning/afternoon time, neighbours havent seen her or anyone strange about either, cant post pic it wont let me but pics on my profile.. any help greatly appreciated lads.
  11. Yes mate I have been round few doors this morning and nobody has seen her at all, think some c**t might be hiding her is all I can think ffs
  12. Yea mate thatd be good, iv asked all about this town nobody has seen it I rang pound they dont have it but il try them again shortly here
  13. Right lads pup has gone missin yesterday morning, I was out n came back and she was gone, rang pound they dont have her, so some c**t round antrim/Randalstown has her, any help appreciated lads...
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