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  1. Im looking at purchasing a new browning t bolt 22lr. 16" woostock, as felt the most comfortable and suited for me. Was wondering what anyones views were and also what scope they would recommend. looking to use it for lamping rabbits and some day time. cheers
  2. It has an air vent or you can always cut a bigger one. just thought they mayb a better idea than the plastic coops. they just soo expensive.
  3. http://www.diy.com/nav/garden/sheds-storage/plastic-sheds/Blooma-6-x-4-Brown-Plastic-Shed-Home-Delivered-12297514 any good for chickens or would it get too cold come winter?
  4. I was at kelmarsh today, didnt rate it at all. certainly glad i did not travel far and i wont go again. Not trying to be a miserable sod but there is just nothing there,no decent trade stands for what ever country dicipline you do. Please do correct me if you go a feel different but i was not the only one to be dissapointed, it seemed common with many others that where there. all the best.
  5. i not fussed how long they take me to make as im really enjoying it, but was just wondering what kind of time people take that are experienced so i have an idea. The knots are nice and tight, obviously had a few loose and slipping ones when i had my first practice but i got the knack now. thank you for the replies
  6. Just thought i would have a brag about making my first few nets out of some stuff i got from agouti. Really hooked on making them now and it also makes me realise how some of my bought nets are not made or finished of that well. its taking me about an hour a net completely finished.with 22 meshes deep by 16 wide. how long does it take most you lot to make a net?, i wonder how much quicker i will get with experience. thank you
  7. As title says, fully qualified. All shoeing and trimming undertaken. PM for details
  8. As title says, Qualified farrier in leicestershire. All shoeing and trimming undertaken. PM for details
  9. Thank you very much, did just the trick. look forward to making my own nets for the first time, may not think the same when i start kind regards.
  10. Im trying to purchase a net making kit but for some reason it wont let me complete my order when i get to the delivery methods section. Has anyone else experienced this??? Is Agouti on here? Thank you
  11. Mine has recently passed away due to old age and i could do with one to bring my 3 jills out of season. Leicestershire area Thank you
  12. As title says, for hunting. Thank you
  13. Just wondering if the seeland keeper jacket and trousers are worth buying? seen them on the interenet but no one local stocks them so cant see. Any information on these would be great. Thank you
  14. Are the new deben tracer lamps better than the lightforce??? It says they have better wiring which i know was a problem with lightforce, or has this improved with lightforce. Regards
  15. I prefer to have them off, easily done at the begining and doesnt give them the chance to have problems later on that will only cost more, and have your dog off work. I do see alot of dogs with them still on though.
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