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  1. whats the difference between a lamped hare and a kick up as it seems to be the case as most daytime hares were taken from kick ups
  2. i rehomed him to someone who could kennel him outside
  3. ok i try to avoid these kinda posts its usually lets see ya bull x pics a few people now seem to be having sal grey x bull grey or sal grey x collie grey so anyone got , had , sal grey x sal deerhound wouldent mind seeing a pic or 2 and an opinion would be good from first hand experiences
  4. now im confused is it wacky backy or lsd ??
  5. this is what happens when you smoke wacky backy in the afternoon
  6. ciderbob


    can see what your saying ... me not working right now . so cant consicer it but like you said 250 id buy 1
  7. are your pups in the puppy comp fella ?
  8. he didnt want to go over the water for a re match With all due respect why should he ? 700 mile round trip to run field rabbits ?? when there's hundreds of place's within a 100 mile's of him with exactly the same sort of land ?? Gorger come's over here because he want's to test his dog on the best so he has to come over here and fair-play to him it show's real commitment and dedication to his sport, if the rabbit's were better "over there then I doubt very much that he'd be coming over here to "test" his dog ??? wouldent you like to say you beat the man on hes own ground .. like you
  9. have you thought about getting a bushing dog rather than a running dog ?
  10. keep the pics and comments goin pal, i enjoy em, private message is now available
  11. whos up for nicking hes camra ... or just even hes batterys something needs to be done .. it has to stop ... spoken to ian.b. about limiting the amount of pics per day .. and he said fecket it we will nick he camra .. he said he his he mods going in first strike comando style but we need more people for more camaras of mass pictures .. pm ianb or any of the mods ... to join this task force
  12. wait until boots and fife get going. then you will be crabbing :laugh: I can just crab myself KC ..no need to go and look for an argument..I've got cur x's,lamp x coursing bred and coursing types haha...and as I know you can't get enough of young Boots here he is :-) be 5 month old on the 1st March and I can't eave his brother Fife out lol... i sware i hope that camra burns in hell ... someone take the batterys off him ....
  13. ciderbob


  14. Its a lurcher but to be honest if you're asking silly questions like this then maybe its best to leave the dog game alone. id say leave the pups alone... and find something better ... but everyone started someware you didnt know it all from day 1 ... probs better of asking about what sort you might need ... there are some people who might put you on the right lines
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