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  1. Where abouts is this exactly? Is it on the playing fields at the back of the Rising Sun Country Park??
  2. Thats the spitting dabs of my dog when it was a pup
  3. 20 Mins up the road from me, so think i will take a trip up.
  4. nice dog that as it picked up the saluki temp, more then the bull/ grey it looks more to the saluki , but that's just looks .? Yeah what % of bull is in it? ! ah f**k, what have I asked?! lol Sire was 3/4 Saluki 1/4 Grey and the Dam was Saluki/Bull/Grey hope this answers your question. His temperment seems to more on the Bull/Grey side
  5. My dog i lost in a fatal running accident 2 yrs ago
  6. Here is mine. About 5yrs old in this pic. He is now 10 yrs and retired. Probably the best dog i have had
  7. Mine @ 12 months in this pic ;) [/url]
  8. Wouldnt run a Lurcher in woodland. Lost a cracking dog around 12 months ago chasing a fox in woodland. Clipped a tree and snapped his neck. Just my opinion. DEKA
  9. Mine Saluki/Bull/Grey atb DEKA
  10. My pack Latest addition 14 month Saluki/Grey/Bull Just retired due to back problems Grey/Saluki/Deer The little Boss Russell X Pat
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