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  1. Needing a pup picked up in South Wales and brought up to Scotland , any recommendations folks ?
  2. how you doing mate ? are we going to see you out with the hounds this season, laddie was some animal ,, Not bad pal been getting a few on the lamp , I'll b out with the hounds that's for sure can't beat a good day on the hills , laddie was a cracker but at the time pinky had more use for him than I did
  3. Sounds a decent X laddie was my dog I gave it down to pinky when he was 2/3 year old he has thrown some quality pups
  4. Nice going that pal really like that dog of yours he puts plenty away for sure
  5. Nice ti see pic of Don again not seen him for a while
  6. Always fancied trying 3/4 grey 1/4 beddy seen 2 a good few years ago that a boy from galston in Ayrshire had they were just young about 10 month I think but they were cracking looking dogs
  7. The shaped lurcher collars are spot on got 1 on both mine
  8. Looks a cracker , sorry to hear about your other pup
  9. Bonny pup that and boots looking well as usual not forgetting wee ruby glad she still out keeping the lurchers going
  10. Looks a nice pup atb getting a good home for him
  11. Can't complain at that for a starter to the season nice going
  12. Tear in my eye reading this RIP Tess
  13. Not a saluki fan but that is a fine looking animal
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