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  1. Gain 28 is only a mixer to add meat to its not a complete feed. I add it to try and make up for any vitamins that i might be missing out of there diet when feeding raw. I would have two bags on go one bag of gain 28 and a bag of gain 20 just drop onto gain 20 when not doing much. Then go back onto 28 a couple of days before you up the work rate again.
  2. Some dog that is, how tall ?
  3. Start it off on some rabbit skin make sure its keen for it, then some scent on a dummy, get it finding the dummy to a command even if its just around the garden (so there no distractions) when it can find the dummy on command with confidence move out into the field with the same training but using long grass, reed beds etc eventually moving on to thicker stuff like brambles. Then take it where the bunnys are and give your command when you spot one. Should all just click in time after that. Theres plenty more ways than that to get a dog going though depends what dog it is. Thats just the way ive done it this year with a retriever. In the past ive just skipped all that and just got them out there if its in them they do it naturally.
  4. I picked a 8 week old working type bitch pup up from a advert on pets4homes in january this year so they are on there. Shes out of proper stuff aswell, the bloke who bred her owns a gun shop and runs a shoot. He as litters for sale on there everynow and then.
  5. Granitor line is still going they are mainly kc registered though now and dont think they are anywhere near keen these days as some other working lines of bedlington
  6. No mate cant get jabs over the counter in England not that i know of anyway and yeah what your saying about jabbing at home makes a lot more sense than taking pups into the vets
  7. Nice well thought out set up youve got there
  8. thats a money making exercise go to a different vet and ask for 1 tube to treat your dog it's general maintenance don't mention mange. Most people use advocate on dogs 3 times a year as a preventative for mites and worms rather than a cure but it's expensive to treat 6 dogs 3 times a year. Noromectin 0.5% w/v Pour-on solution for cattle will work for mange, fleas,mites and worms on dogs as long as there's no collie blood in them as it can be lethal.It's 70 Euro for 1000ml bottle in agriculture animal supply stores so that bottle will dose 1000 terriers at 1ml down between shoulder blades the same idea as advocate. Pour on is easier on a dogs system and easier to use but takes a week to work. Make sure you do not overdose even pour on will kill a dog if it gets too much. Injection are much smaller doses maybe one tenth of 1ml I'm not sure. I heard a vet saying one time that most greyhound men use noromectin he said it's fine for them because only about 1 in a thousand greyhounds have a reaction and die from it which to a trainer cutting costs it's exceptable as injury would be their biggest concern. Every vet ive brought advocate from has only ever done it on prescription so always had to take the dog in to be weighed etc by vet nurse before they will sell it over counter. Ive took a dog in with mange before and it was same routine. Advocate cleared it up within two weeks.
  9. Nice little clip and write up mate
  10. Cheers for replys thats given me a start for where to look.
  11. Ive had some of my best nights lamping getting up at 2/3am and getting out for a few hours before sunrise.
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