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  1. If you rate your Russell dog and the line is sound, why don't you approach those who's line it is or others who keep the line and breed and work a kennel of em....?
  2. If it's good enough, would you not try breeding that line of Russell you have instead?
  3. I'm saying no more on this subject except to say, the same applies to you Stopend... leave the shit behind and move forward....Atb
  4. General, I know by your posts you're a genuine digging man. But whatever went on in the past, will you ever give it a rest and let bygones be bygones. I love my hunting but I don't give up my time defending hunting and terrierwork, the way these boys do and I for one appreciate every effort these guys make. Are they perfect, maybe not, but who is? At least they're trying, which is a lot more that can be said for the majority of us. I don't know the men involved but forget the past and look to the future. Now more than ever, we need to unite to save our sport!!...ATB
  5. There are more people involved in country sports than there are 'antis' in the real sense of the word. But we are a 'silent majority' whereas they are a 'noisy minority'. In general hunting/fishing people are quite people happy with their lot in life. It goes against their nature to be constantly onto politicians, online or outspoken defending their sport.... But the time has definitely come lads to stand up and be counted.... The alternative is the end to our traditional natural God given freedom to hunt and fish! Don't leave it to the next man, there's no point wishing we had stood up when w
  6. Was just reading a few articles on NS lines Dilly.... maybe you could throw some light on a question I have.... I know his line was centred round his Rags bitch but what lines and where did he get his original stuff to create this line?
  7. Not a black dog man...but if it's one thing I know, there's plenty unknown and uncredited men out there with lines as good as any, that avoid the lime light without whom terrier strains of all colors would not exist today and long may they last..
  8. Nice young dog... In great knick, fair play!
  9. British game dogs? A lot in that clip are Irish or bred down off Irish dogs and sent across to UK...
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