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  1. The Fishlocker

    UK first!!!

    They have returned consistently for around 4-5 years now. Hopefully we can campaign to have them protected under a catch and release fishery.
  2. The Fishlocker

    UK first!!!

    Thankyou very much. It really was an incredible experience.
  3. The Fishlocker

    UK first!!!

    Morally I couldn’t have killed such an amazing creature. Animals like that deserve to be swimming in the ocean.
  4. The Fishlocker

    UK first!!!

    Thanks Terry.
  5. The Fishlocker

    UK first!!!

    None of this taking turns and having the rod in a holder lark.haha. This is how we do it in the UK!!
  6. The Fishlocker

    UK first!!!

    Some of you may have already seen this video as it has built up quite a bit of traction online. To set the scene I was fishing on my own - as I often do, on my 16ft Orkney 520. Intended target was porbeagle sharks over a group of reefs and ground. I will let the video tell the rest of the story....
  7. Something magical isn’t it.
  8. There are some rare moments in life that really stay with you. I have been blessed with a family and have honestly been waiting to take my boy fishing since before he was born. The other day we went out and I recorded what has to be my favourite on screen moment ever. So so proud. I hope you enjoy the video.
  9. The Fishlocker

    Fish Cake

    - That looks brilliant. Bet it tastes a dam sight better than carp aswell!!!
  10. The Fishlocker

    Amazing fun on the bass!!!

    Thankyou very much Moorman. I had a brilliant time making it so its great to hear people enjoy watching it.
  11. The Fishlocker

    Amazing fun on the bass!!!

    I dread to think what they'd do to a finger!!!!
  12. The Fishlocker

    Amazing fun on the bass!!!

    Those flying gurnards are pretty special aren’t they. Those smooth puffers can be a right nuisance. Soft plastic lures don’t last 2 minutes!!
  13. The Fishlocker

    Amazing fun on the bass!!!

    Good luck mate. You should find some somewhere.
  14. The Fishlocker

    Amazing fun on the bass!!!

    I had a previous session catching more fish but the audio wasn’t as good. It’s so painful when that happens. You have a great session and get home to find the vids useless.
  15. The Fishlocker

    Stunning summer visitor

    Thankyou very much.