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  1. View Advert Airline quick fill plug Does anyone have one have a spare one of these to sell? I think it's also called a test plug. The bay only offers them in sets with parts I already have. Cheers. Advertiser Popgun47 Date 11/11/19 Price Category Airguns  
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    Does anyone have one have a spare one of these to sell? I think it's also called a test plug. The bay only offers them in sets with parts I already have. Cheers.


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  3. Hi, the Laserworks mk4 weapon mountable day/night range finder has a red laser to help with night time targeting. The red laser on my unit has stopped working. can anyone advise me on how to get it sorted please.
  4. Another little money saver. The quick fill plug on the HW100, is often lost or mislaid, it's easy to forget to replace it. I, drilled an 316" hole through the plug and the same through the lug on the lens cap, threaded a piece of cord through and knotted the ends. This retaining cord should keep the plug safe, if I don't lose the lens cap.
  5. Why pay £10 for an HW 100, air cylinder end protection cap ? I paid a couple of quid for 33mm flip up scope cap, it does the job and saved money, win win.
  6. Thanks for the advice Mark, I'm prepared for the KBs. I've tried knocking on doors, but people always seem wary of cold callers, and I'm not the best at stating my purpose, so it always seems a bit awkward. I think Davy's letter should help to get past that and I think it's a far better approach. Just gotta keep tryin '
  7. The link will take you to a book on old trapping methods, which of course are just as applicable to trapping today. it's written by an American,about trapping for food in the forests of America, the quarry may be different but the methods can be adapted and applied to suit whatever the quarry is. I hope some one will glean a little bit of helpful information from the read. http://www.gutenberg.org/files/17093/17093-h/17093-h.htm
  8. Thought you might be interested in content on this link. i used to make and use some of the box traps,in this book, it's easy to just pass an hour reading some of these old methods. an interesting way to get rid of pests.or catch for the table. is you want to catch Hope you enjoy the read, and it helps with your pest problem. 'Don't think we'll get a lot of use for Bear traps and some of the other quarry that these traps can be used for, but all of them can be adapted to whatever it http://www.gutenberg.org/files/17093/17093-h/17093-h.htm
  9. Hi Davy, I don't have a permission, I had no idea how to go about getting one. I am now informed and ready to apply to address's that I think might get a positive result, using the downloaded permissions document, This is my first day on the forum and it's already proving to be a valuable source of information. Thanks Davy.
  10. Thanks fellas, I reckon I've got a lot to learn about modern air guns. I, joined 'The Hunting Life' after a friendly phone chat with 'Big Napper' who recommended the forum as the place to share information, get help and generally get in touch with people on subject of shooting, in my case, air rifles. After a quick browse, I can see that I'm going to enjoy the read. Thank you all, for the welcome.
  11. I'm an airgun shooter, Weihrauch 100 KT .77. I don't have a permission to shoot, as yet, my shooting is done at the 1066 Rifle &Pistol club, in Hastings. I got back into shooting about 8 months ago, after a break of about 50 years. Stating with a BSA Meteor mk7, after repeatedly shooting paper targets for over an hour, my arm was knackered. One of the other club members allowed me to try his pcp rifle and that was the end of my affair with the Meteor. I moved on to pcp's, the 1st being a Hatsan 10 shot 'tactical' .22 I didn' much like it, heavy. On to a Rotex RM8, .22 pretty much the same, heavy. Then on to a real light weight, in terms of portability, nothing else, the AirArms s410 tdr .22. I sold it last week to fund my latest rifle. I was went on to get a Brocock Compatto HR .22 and a much underrated and overlooked, Edgar Brothers XVi .22 tdr, accurate, very slick cocking and indexing. In the course of a proposed swap for the Compatto, I had the opportunity to handle a HW100 KT .177. The swap didn't go ahead because, disappointingly, my Compatto was not the model required. After handling the KT I knew it was the rifle I was looking for, and set out to find the one I have now, no more switching brands and models, Unless, it's for theHW 100 Kt FSB
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