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  1. Morgan n


    Have you got a pic of it
  2. Morgan n


    What mincer's do people use for there rabbits and do you mince the bones as well
  3. Morgan n

    Free rabbits need gone ASAP Darlington

    I can come and collect if you still got some
  4. Morgan n

    Land owner permission

    I cannot understand how me ferreting would ruin a shoot day because they not after the rabbits
  5. Morgan n

    Permission North East

    I live in the north east and its realy hard to get permission been knocking on doors to be knocked back and told ask the game keeper only managed to get one bit of permission so far and thats 2 years ferreting
  6. Morgan n

    Land owner permission

    Iv only been ferreting for the last 2 years and dont know much in the way of how permission works i have knocked on afew doors and the farmers have said its not up to me its the game keepers that say if you are aloud i thought the land owner would have the say due to this i havn't had much look in the way of permission