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  1. I feckin hate auto correct! I sent my mate a text saying 'you want to go down to the canal for a wank?' I meant river ffs...
  2. Ideally it should be.. especially when politicians on both islands are determined to import a completely foreign culture, and at the same time, threaten us with jail if we protest about the fuckers pissing all over us, raping kids and over stretching the services we paid into all our lives. But sure, let's keep on arguing about stuff that we did to one another decades ago...
  3. From what I have seen this last few years, protesting gets you no where.. unless you include being targeted by left wing morons and/or ending up unemployed/in prison. Action is the next natural step imo
  4. Are Chelsea your local club? If so, I feel for you.. I go watch my team (£150 for a season ticket), and can have a pint with the players afterwards. Players become acquaintances, some even friends. And we normally get to play in the Champions League or UEFA league (last season was a travesty , so pennies saved this year ). When I was over there I would watch the local small clubs.. Folkestone Invicta, Cambridge Utd, Halifax and in Scotland it was usually Hearts or Livingstone, but sometimes Inverness or Wick. All charged a similar price to matches here, about a tenner in, and was proper, real football. Proper tackles, proper aggression, no flopping about crap.
  5. I agree, but I think I have to draw the line at being called a terrorist just because I exist.
  6. God forbid that people would dare to celebrate being Ulstermen/women in the UK.. obviously that makes us terrorists because, well you know, matching down a street playing music is terrible. Or is the truth that we are terrorists, in your eyes, because we are Protestant Ulsterfolk? And before you start the whole 'loyalist paramilitary' broad sweep.. I can take it, using your tar everyone method, that you would be with Comrade Corbyn, in being an IRA terrorist? FFS catch a grip..
  7. Ah man, I remember this.. fantastic! I don't think he was a spokesman at all, some just piss head. All laughing aside, this was what.. 6-7 years ago? Leaving out the drunken words, was he wrong? I remember the diatribe of abuse after this, and since then we have had all the rape gang stuff come out, and sharia divorce being accepted in a British court.
  8. Everything here is like 5D chess.. layer upon layer of meanings within meanings No apology needed at all.
  9. Welcome! The sculptures wouldn't be my thing, but the drawings/paintings are great! I'll give you half a crown and a snickers!
  10. It was, I'm not her though, and don't have the profile she does. Normal people, like me, go to things in areas that can be dangerous, and say nothing. It is nothing a strange tbh, and is the same on both sides. I have mates that support my local club and are Catholic, even though it is a historically unionist/loyalist working class club. I had no idea until we were adults.
  11. I'm a Protestant Northern Irish Unionist. Generally we don't play GAA, and aren't welcomed either.
  12. Just life in NI mate. For both sides. Progress is slow when done right... and we are a stubborn bunch at the best of times I was going to say, Shinty is good craic as well.. but some of the matches are like American football, with the bloody ref blowing every couple of minutes. No adverts though, which is good
  13. Even though I kick with the other foot, I have to say, I love watching Hurling. It is a great game. I would go and watch Antrim now and again, even smack a sliothar around, but it isn't a sport open to folks of my persuasion. Still a good game though.
  14. Looking to get back into it, and was wondering if there are any out there that wouldn't mind having company? ATB
  15. What league are they in now? Tbh I only follow my local team.. like a family tradition.
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