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  1. 3/4 greyhound 1/4 deerhound Platts breeding Was go well on bunnies Ran its first hare and broke its back leg Retired to a pet home Was showing all the right sighs Very keen , think that could of been all the greyhound in it
  2. First cross deerhound greyhound Cookland bred 29 TTS Handy alrounder ,hasn't been regularly tested on teeth but has took them no bother, slaughters edible game Retrives Hares over gates
  3. Sounds like he has a good recall,I couldn't call mine of a course
  4. My pup is coursing dog X whippet Around 20/21 inch ATM She will be used for small local land around Lancashire The first picture is the pup The second is the parents
  5. My brother shoots with the square tube with success,the draw is to strong for me to keep a steady hand ,I witnessed a body shot to a seagull with the square tubing and the bird Never got up again so it's powerful stuff
  6. I've been using the yellow gzk 1mm 25/20 taper ,there's not much getting away from that set up with a head or neck shot
  7. I've air bricks up the top hopefully that works
  8. No worries pal ,I'll stick some pictures up when there done the boxes will be lined in kingspam then covered in plastic cladding ,wipe clean the floor also have the kingspam with rubber mating ,not sure on the bedding yet I'm thinking straw or paper
  9. Yeah no worries pal ,the breeze block boxes will have plywood lift up lids, with mesh underneath for when the heat lamp needs to be on
  10. All 4 walls are brick The roof is steel coated sheets I got all the bricks given off a job came out of a chimney breast I've always liked the old common brick The sleeping area are boxes around 4x3 which will be lined with kingspam Then they will have heat lamps The rest of the shed will have a chest freezer for the dog meat
  11. I'm lining it with 50 mm kingspam also I will have heat lamps
  12. I'm the same , finally bought a place so no worries about moving
  13. The dam was 20 inches and I think the sire was around 25
  14. My plan is to board it out with 50mm kingspam soon
  15. Straight into the mains ,the aco has a trap ,with a silt bucket stop anything going into the main
  16. A few pictures of my pup She's saluki lurcher to a whippet bitch Around 7 months old and is about 21 inch I picked a whippety pup in the litter and she's turning into everything i wanted her to She's a fast little pup upto now If she grows another inch I'll be happy She will only be used for Richards and Herbert's day and night
  17. I've been building some brick Kennels last couple of weekends ,so I thought I'd share some pics ,the run on the left is 1.5 by 2 m for 2 terriers and the run on the right is 1.5 by 1.5
  18. He's done a brilliant job with the litter there just how pups should be
  19. Do you own the sire to these pups ,I've put a deposit on the fawn bitch
  20. Nice pups and they look well reared
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