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  1. Would take up far too much time and show organisers have enough to do. If they want to take thing that serious why don’t they start up there own racing club, and leave the ordinary shows alone. It’s supposed to be a fun day out after all!!
  2. Marydoll I agree with a lot of what you are saying, but it’s nothing to do with Albert or the game fairs. However, what happened on Sunday cannot be condoned by any right minded person. It’s time everybody that runs a show stood up to bullies and cheats....... any kind of behaviour that involves threatening people, head butting people or going for somebody with scissors should be an automatic lifetime ban from any event that’s supposed to be a day out and a bit of craic. Decent people are fed up with this and it seems to me that some can get away with it time and time again. Enough is enough!
  3. Following all ur comments it's not hard to see wear your coming from
  4. You seem very well informed about things, but it seems to me that now Aj's not posting anything your picking on Margaret, just leave other people's business alone, everybody on here can see you for what and who u are!
  5. What's the Whippet Club got to do with you????
  6. Well let's hope some thought has gone into picking the judge if you've gone to all the trouble to get the classes and trophy. It's a great tribute to the man and the breed he created!
  7. Secret's in the name "show". Dogs mite arrive being, workers, racers or pets, but once they step into a ring there a show dog. It's only supposed to be a bit of craic and at the end of it all it's just one man's opinion. Cheers