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  1. i think narrow beam be more benefical,,less obvious as well,lets face it most lads be hedge hopping,,light weight is a must for me,silent button,thats a nice button thats on the red white light,its just a shame over the black spot on white beam,but as you say they did not really perfect that one yet,but if the white light was spot on it would be a nice little light that would tick alot of the boxs,how about trying to put red led in lght and seperate white light in light as well, with rocker switch for top light to white and bottom of switch to red,ive seen this done and its really good
  3. he must of been half decent to win foley cup,what breeding was in him mate
  4. i know how old it was.. yeah TOMO i heard the little lamping dog was only a youngun,but it must of been some little machine to do that all the same,wish i had one as good some day,was the courseing dog out of any good stuff,or just your ordinary run of the mill fen plodder
  5. is it true he beat a top courseing dog on its own ground with a little lamping dog,in the day running hares,i dont think the courseing men could believe it,but they had to fork out all the same at the end of day,if so anyone know what way the lamping dog was bred
  6. heard on the grapevine that they might be doing a book about him one or two well known writers lineing up to publish his memoirs
  7. say what you like about the fella,but that boy can sure catch rabbits lol
  8. 90 quid be a fare price,dont mind all the other tight fisted cxnts,that lot would rather peel a orange in there pocket,rather than offer you any
  9. fare play to D LYOD for coming on and asking lads for what they think would suit there own needs,clever thinking LYODY,i will definetely have another lamp of you very soon mate atb jack
  10. MATE if i was known as LORD FLASHHEART,i think i would have to question my sanety,come on get real
  11. WHATS wrong with you TOMO is your a bleeding SNOB LOL
  12. cooney you b*****d what did he want LOL
  13. D LYOD what batteries are in it,can they be replaced later on if needed,also whats the chargeing time on it,also any ideas how long it may last,and does it go off immediately when batteries are low,sorry for all the questions mate,also can you pm the price mate
  14. theres innocent people in all wars,one army as bad as another
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