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  1. This thread has inspired me. Mo more buying presents. This year I'll be giving out my best wishes
  2. I reckon ufc is going to shit as well and I dont see boxing being on the decline. Think mma peaked a few years back. UFC especially is just out for money now. A BMF belt??? Comor vs cerrone at 170??? Nonsense
  3. See overeems lip from last night?
  4. Probably the best shape ive seen him in as well
  5. Gave your posts a like. That's some great trolling folk will bite on the above lol I try and write the most ridiculous things for a bite at times bit i couldnt even come up with something so stupid but make it sound serious
  6. Hell never be seem again. Made a pocket full of cash and disappear
  7. If you dont enjoy alien any farm and sum 41 Fight me
  8. A decent night mate came 5th of 19 in his strongman comp. The boxing was good. Unfortunate the mes ordered the kebabs from the wrong place. Total farce
  9. Easy win fought like Klitschko
  10. Just asked my mrs to phone us kebabs. Phoned from the wrong Indian. Wrong
  11. Told her I fomt want the place filled with shit I know that's how it's going to go
  12. Got terrible eyesight mate lol Like to get a sofa bed in it but that'll be after xmas and we could be doing with a new shed first as well
  13. Look a knob now lol a childs kitchen and basketball.set
  14. Wont let me upload pics of poker table.or recliner. Saying-200 error
  15. Few pics of progress so far. Nothing special but good enough for me
  16. Was tiles and they womt that fellas not invited.
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