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  1. What folk dont seem to understand it is the parents responsibility to feed their kids but unfortunately some dont. Not the innocent kids fault they aren't eating and shouldn't be left to starve. Where I live 24% kids live in poverty. And poverty aside when I was young I lived with gran she was loaded life was great. Then she started getting dementia and and I never knew what and if I was eating one day to the next. So there all situations effect kids eating not just parents neglecting kids. If you grudge helping a neglected kid you need to sort yourself out . We feed criminals in prison everyday but kids can rot... poor show
  2. No wonder the younger generation got no respect when the so called older wiser generation are happy to see them go hungry through no fault of their own. Shameful.
  3. "If you cant feed kids dont have them" doesn't sit right with me. Not the kids fault and they shouldnt suffer for it. Few on here that clearly never been hungry or wanted for anything
  4. Easy there fella. Its literally nothing. And as you say takes away from an interesting thread.
  5. Come to think of it I now dont know who to take serious either lol are folk having me on or do they really believe that every single member on here has seen dead cats at the side of the road.
  6. what a strange thing not to believe that somebody hasnt seen a dead cat at the side of the road. Mad how were all wired up different. A totally insignificant thing not sure what makes you think I'd lie about it?
  7. Good post that arry. Be a decent bit of reading in to each of those cases . Cheers
  8. Just never seen one. Not something I've ever gave a second thought but not a lie.
  9. I've never seen a dead cat at the roadside. See either badgers, fox , rabbits, hedgehogs every other day but cant recall ever seeing a dead cat. I'm not sure I see where the joke would be ?
  10. You ain't left yourself long have you bud. Sunsets where you are in about half an hour.
  11. Nope they living on top of each other in the student accommodation. Governments choice to send them back. And to be fair they are most likely low risk category as well. Think the worry was they are here from all over the uk and they dont want then travelling back home etc
  12. Students seem to be problem here as well mate
  13. Ours is only in place for 16 days. As youd said about most cracking on I went up to help my dad take a garage down this morning now me mrs and son are going to an other area for a big walk. But keeping away from everybody else just staying with seeing the same few folk. Up here the majority of the rise in cases has been from pubs and student accommodation. I'm near neither .
  14. Could be like us here. Restrictions got tightened then here in glasgow , and a few other areas got full lockdown pubs restaurants shut not ment to leave your area if possible not to visit folk etc only exception is work.
  15. But nobody is telling them that any the above dont exist who gives you the right to decide whose more important or people dying of certain illness dont matter as much as others and through personal experience I have a family member diagnosed with cancer through this. NHS are giving them the best treatment possible . You just talk pure shite man.
  16. What you think of my theory mate. People getting them as pets the realising what's involved and letting them loose. Maybe why sightings every few years and then nothing no body found etc?
  17. It's not like deep fried stuff kenny no oil involved at all. It's like having an oven but cooks stuff faster and takes up hardly any space. https://www.bmstores.co.uk/products/tower-air-fryer-2-2l-358969 Something like that do you can cook your chips and pork in it.
  18. Mad that mate you get by ok without an oven? Not any good for your curry but you should look into air fryers can make a whole lot difderent stuff in them and they are pretty cheap and dont take up much space at all. I love mines .
  19. What would you say to the idea that a few could be here as pets and become to much to handle and get turfed out on some remote location ? get spotted the odd time then die ?
  20. The domestic cat thing holds no weight in my arguement anyway. Theres an estimated 11 million pet cats in the uk so a few dead bodies is a lot more likely than finding the body of a sole big cat that's been turfed out every few years
  21. I've never in my life seen a cat lying dead at the side of the road .
  22. Tbh I'm the same never seen a dead cat lying
  23. I think that right but. Hiw many birds are flying about. How often do you see dead birds ? Sounds stupid but a serious question
  24. Even if that's what greyman isnchasong it's still pretty cool. The reason I think it could be the above is because I'm sure if you were dumping one of these cats you ain't opening the front door and booting it out. Makes sense they would be dumped and spotted in remote locations . As for breeding I ain't clued up enough to say it is or isn't a possibility.
  25. While I'm sceptical about breeding populations the odd one that's brought in illegally and released when they realise it's a handful i could buy into. These maybe wouldnt survive on their own I'm the wild. How long would a cat take to die if it was un fed?
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