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  1. Done it as an afterthought, saved editing.
  2. I want to hear what katchum has to say about me now or what he thinks of shaark using him in this.
  3. Is the other reason because you wrote last year about you going out drinking in a different town when you got chatting to some people who asked where your from,you named your town and they said whoa there’s a real hard mental man from there, you asked who and they said your name. i got a good weeks piss taking from that and so did a few more. thats the real reason ain’t it.
  4. Fair enough but if I accused somebody of the worst crime,dropped katchums name into it,tried dropping more names, repeated those lies and then looked a dick because nobody backed you up.i’d apologies for that or at least admit you don’t believe it and it’s just a personal attack on me for some other reason.
  5. You said it was true and named katchum and said there’s others.i asked you or king or anybody else to name them and neither of you can so I suggest you and king keep your mouths closed.back up what you said or apologise.
  6. Who, nobody’s came forward and you can’t think of anybody. you said it and repeated it so name them.
  7. Seems your just a big mouth shaark with nobody to back you up.throwing bullshit and names about. says more about you than anybody else.
  8. You quoted katchum as thinking I’m a wrong un and I want to read what he thinks. Don’t go mentioning names if you don’t have a clue. try again though as you said there’s more.!
  9. Katchum is this true what sharks saying.?
  10. Just a few idiots who don’t even believe it trying to whip the crowds into a frenzy.
  11. Do you really believe it king.?
  12. No he doesn’t and neither does anybody else.tag him Have another go.
  13. The point I was trying to make was that you can tell if a girls going to be pretty when she’s older.just like a grandad calls his granddaughter beautiful or when I think my sons handsome. But you know that anyway.
  14. It even king Believes it. It just what he says before a breakdown.
  15. Stop being a prick. No there’s not. Name just 1 other.
  16. Oh don’t worry about king.according to him my mums a slag and my sons a puny c**t.find a post from me that’s ever mentioned his wife or kids.
  17. I speak to him like he does to me. If that’s to hard for you to understand then I don’t know what else to say.
  18. King. Not even you believes that.
  19. The only thing that grows in kings garden is the fur in the dog shit.
  20. Kings is the only house where the rubbish men makes delivery’s.
  21. Did you therapist tell you that to say.?
  22. That’s what triggered my thought. was going to ask on your thread,then by pm then thought I’ll ask the masses.
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