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  1. A game dealer told me years ago that the ones he got were shot behind Exeter airport.
  2. I love a middle class woman. People say they’ve seen them in south Somerset.i thought I had a glimpse but I never had a definite eyes on look.
  3. That’ll be grand.hopefully my boss will let me lamp/mooch his place and I’ll be dealing with farmers daily so once they know me I’ll get more. Leaving norway next week and will be there around the 2nd week in november
  4. Sounds like a nice place for a walk but what’s the town like,nice pubs,big town,small town etc.?
  5. You'll be lucky to get 10 next year. I'm fascinated by chunks and muntys.desperate to eat one but never ever seen either.
  6. I'll have plenty if permission in a month so no problem their.
  7. f***ing sick of fallow, roe and the others but I've never seen a chunky or munty in my life.
  8. I should he ok for permission .more interested in want I can shoot with my camers.muntys and chinkys hopefully.
  9. f**k off he does.no dss their.
  10. Will be libing their in a month but no idea what its like. Any info on what to do or places to avoid.what the land/game's.i wouldn't mind getting some photos of a muntjak or chunky if their in thr area. Cheers
  11. Yes on the throat and you get heart sweetbreads too.
  12. ginger beard


    I've had to hire staff to deal with demand. I know their not great but it's to late when you've cut every tendon on the back of your hand or cut your wrist.
  13. ginger beard


    I've actually got a brand new draw full of those cut gloves.useless for welding but for butchery,chef or anyway using sharp knives their absolute hand saves.if anybody wants one.
  14. I think some would like you to have your guns taken away for your comments..if thats not cuntish I'd shave my eyebrows.
  15. How come you know ketchum so well then hey.?
  16. Don't worry about me mate.i just try to be funny but nobody ever laughs unless I'm wanking over my sisters knickers.
  17. He's pissing me right off.
  18. This here is Morton mate.A more sympathetic,friendly and happier soul you will never find.
  19. Were never truly happy.we just put on a happy front.
  20. Wasn't the interior designed by Victoria Beckham in them.?
  21. Hamilton is an even bigger prick than king.
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