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You will need the carp as bait for the moggies lol

I was just about to say that lol .....

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Been there my self once or twice,we fished for carp couple days then used the carp as bait for the cats.

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Hope the weathers right for you mate, friend of mine went said it was un fishable as it rained further up country and there were lots of trees floating down river these trees were hundred odd footers lol

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How my luck been lately it would not surprise me

You will be fine mate, what's the set up now, was told lines tied to large buoy using 10lb line to stop your live bait from swimming of and wait for the take to snap 10lb line from buoy and away you go in a boat.

All sounded a bit extreme for me, you should have a great experience hope you get into some triple figured ones mate.atb

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Hope you get one like this mate 175 lbs , on a whole tin of luncheon meat , soaked in monster crab

Good luck pal

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