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Clear up the place?

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Hi all,


Just seeing if anyone has noticed that noboy seems to post anything in the right section anymore? I've tried to highlight it to repeat offenders in a polite way but hasnt sunk in. Any mods active on this forum to move things about anymore etc? When I used to be more active on here you werent even allowed to write in 'text speak' which was awesome but now its just turned into a bit of a free for all for some.

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Have to agree mate

Us Scottish blokes do have a bit of banter in our own tongue but I have noticed the mobile phone talk getting worse and worse.

Some of it is completely uncomprehensible.

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Hi Jack.


Must admit I have done it on occasion :icon_redface:


I have suggested a porobation period on the site to the mods.

Where by a new member joining the forum needs a certain amount of posts and time on the forum, say 3 months before they are able to buy, sell, or swop items.


If members want to do a deal via PMs then fair enough, good luck to them.


Also that people display on their avatar where they are from, and maybe post code.

Cant see anyone objecting, unless there are special circumstances i.e. forces personel.


Nothing is fail safe I know, but it would help stop chancers popping in for a quick scam.

Never stop it all, but we could make it harder.







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There needs to be a trusted list!

End of!



For sales you mean Davy , or like the AAOC ?


hi craig

yes like aaoc :thumbs:

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What about the bullshitters and experts that have done it all in a day! I like coming on here you can spot the real deals through there posts and passion in what they do.Yes it could do with a clean up and if not then i know what to do.Sorry but there is some real crap at times down to the bores that have to post day after day about ....nothing in general :( had to be said sorry..

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I know I'm a newbie on THL, so my opinion probably won't count for much. I'm a Mod the BSAOG (some of you may know me, if you do hello, and if you don't, nice to meet you :victory: )


I agree every site should have a "regulation" of the classified sections, on the BSAOG we have recently bought in a "30 post" system, and to a certain extent, it does work. But I'm all for using a system whereby a 3rd party is involved in a deal, sending the money and product to the trusted established 3rd party, whomb can check over the goods, and then send the money and product in their respected directoins. This is of course if the seller and buyer aggree to the usage of the 3rd party. :notworthy:


I know I have very few posts, and I only post when I think I can help out, I fail to see how the posting of " trivial banter" benefits any site, it just clutters up the site making it more difficult for those you use it for information. Every system has it's flaws, i mean would you join a site that was filled with useless info? I certainly wouldn't :blink:


The "trusted list" is a very good idea, even people who are on different sites could be added to it, after all we're all shooting/hunting enthusiasts, it's hardly in the spirit of things to go around ripping other people off! :censored:


Phil :bye:

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