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  1. Sweeney-Todd

    Help Choosing Scope

    The half mill dot is a nice format, but if your eyes are a bit suspect, think twice, it is very fine. Best to go look through a scope if you can
  2. Sweeney-Todd

    Defiant 14Gn

    Outstanding pellet if your barrel likes them. Excellent quality, clean, and almost nil damage in the box. My S10s love them, and so does my TX200 both .22 Defo worth a try mate, recommend them.
  3. I think you would regret swopping in the end.
  4. Sweeney-Todd

    Help Needed With A Rifle Sling.

    Hi Roger. You could try one of these : http://www.uttings.co.uk/Product/693/113505/browning-neoprene-rifle-sling-black-12201316/ I use one similar and they very comfortable, and quiet.
  5. Sweeney-Todd

    New Graham Advert On Gunstar!

    I bet it did............................... I expect somewhere on the forum, it says, " At the buyers or sellers discretion " when conducting business privately between two people. I don't think it would be at all fair, or reasonable, to expect any blame, or responsibility to fall on the forum. They do what they can to keep the site clean of scammers etc ( again!!!..........with help from members, such as MOLEY keeping a watchful eye and giving them the nod ) Unfortunately, they cant stop them all.......so, as has been said before, if you don't know the sellers reputation, might be best to wait, or buy FTF.
  6. Sweeney-Todd

    What A Lovely Rifle

    One for the collectors out there I think.
  7. Sweeney-Todd

    Hoo Flaming Ray!!!!

    Hi Mike. Well done mate.............your efforts may not be appreciated by everyone, but I think most would rather pat you on the back, than bitch about you. I said much the same as this in another thread, but it appears to have been deleted. You have helped a lot on the forums keeping a watchful eye on the antics of the Grahams, and I am sure a lot of people are grateful to you. No harm in giving credit where it is due, and for those who find this thread tiresome, don't enter in to it, as it will only upset you Good Job MOLEY
  8. Sweeney-Todd


    Bugger....I was going to say 46 Nice nights work, you must have a mahoosive freezer
  9. Sweeney-Todd

    One More Gone!

    Not so tough now is he ............nice shot.
  10. Sweeney-Todd

    New Graham Advert On Gunstar!

    WELL DONE MOLEY !! You have done more than most on this, or any other forum to keep an eye on the Grahams and their activities. You have helped to prevent others getting caught out by them, by your sheer persistence and commitment to try and help others. Also you alerted other forums with your idle hands on the key board, bringing even more eyes to bear on the problem to lend more help. Some obviously think your efforts were a waste of forum space, but still feel the need to chirp up and kick you in the balls...........nice ....should be ashamed of themselves. All credit to you Mike, I'm sure there are more that want to thank you, rather than bitch about you!! ATVB. Bill.
  11. Sweeney-Todd

    Stalker Tiger Ten Cub

    Hi Dubba. Looks like a real nice rifle. Being based on the legendary S10, I would expect it to perform very well indeed. Keep us informed if you do go ahead and buy it. Be very interested to see Chrono results etc. Lucky enough to own 3 x S10s all in .22 and every one of them likes Defients 14g Large 5.52 Head Size Look forward to reading more about her......good luck. ATB. Bill.
  12. Sweeney-Todd

    Absolute Air Rifle "from Field To Table

    Hi Steve. Thank you for sharing the recipe, and putting up the clip I shall be having a crack at making one of them pies. Excellent clip, nicely done mate, thanks again. ATB. Bill.
  13. Sweeney-Todd

    Absolute Air Rifle "from Field To Table

    Hi Steve. Enjoyed the clip , some nice shooting going on there What are the chances of putting that Black pudding & Rabbit Pie recipe up mate. Making me dribble just thinking about it ATB. Bill.
  14. Sweeney-Todd

    Maintenance ?

    Second this one Use a bit of turps / white spirit on a piece of lint free cloth, don't soak it, just dampen it. Use a bit of 60lb fishing line as the pull through. Three pulls should do it, then a couple with a clean and dry piece of cloth. You are then ready to start leading in your barrel
  15. Sweeney-Todd

    A Walk In The Wheat.

    I have been a busy boy mate, hope you are both well.