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  1. Tuned lgu

    Fantastic shooting by D.T. - rifle looks tasty also
  2. Its ready for testing SI

    Nice setup Macca
  3. Brocock Compatto Target .177

    Hi Rez ... I've still got the HW100kt .. tack driver. Its been faultless, and it's used frequently. How are you keeping mate? Also got a really nice Air Arms s200. When I'm strolling with the dog I take the s200. The Brocock Compatto Target is very good (much better than the standard Compatto I had previously) ... Thought I'd sell it to recuperate some funds for a shotgun. Anyhow, not had any response regards a buyer, so decided on keeping hold of the Target.
  4. Brocock Compatto Target .177

    Will do the standard rifle for £525 or £550 with 2 x 10 shot magazines .. Or £600 standard rifle plus swift stumpy / moderator / 2 x mags / picatinny rail adaptor / rifle sling .. All boxed with literature pack and filling adaptor .. Good saving on what is essentially a new rifle ..
  5. For Sale Brocock Compatto Target .177 bought new August 2017 - 0nly had approx 150 pellets through it. Comes with all that a brand new rifle should ... £550 Could sell with accesories .. Hawke Panorama 4-12x40 scope .. Picatinny rail adaptor .. Rifle sling .. Bipod .. Swift Stumpy Mk2 moderator .. Additional 10 shot magazine .. Boxed with literature pack and supplied spare 0 rings and filler probe .. £700
  6. Fair Price?

    Ronnie Sunshine has them advertised for £42.95p I've just got the moderator in a draw doing nothing. Would you think £23 and I will pay the postage would be fair?
  7. Fair Price?

    What would people think would be a fair price to ask for a like new secondhand Deben Whisper 180 moderator .. Cheers
  8. Starlings And Their Chicks.

    Well done Mark .. I've got them nesting in the eves again .. They are part of spring.
  9. Eb Optimate 3-18X50 A0/ir - 30Mm Body Scope

    Would sell for £75 ...
  10. Eb Optimate 3-18X50 A0/ir - 30Mm Body Scope

    Please bear in mind the photo's were taken on a £69 mobile phone camera .. So the quality isn't up to much!
  11. Eb Optimate 3-18X50 A0/ir - 30Mm Body Scope

    Couple more photo's
  12. Eb Optimate 3-18X50 A0/ir - 30Mm Body Scope

    This is the EB Optimate 3-18x50 AO/IR - 30mm Body Scope
  13. I've an EB Optimate 3-18 x 50 A0/IR - 30mm tube scope. I'm looking to swap. I'd exchange this scope for a Hawke Panorama 4-12x40. The only reason I'm asking for a swap is I feel its dimensions are slightly to big for my Air Arms s200. The photos were taken when I had the scope on my Brocock Compatto. I've previously had a Hawke Eclipse scope and IMHO this Optimate scope is far superior in all aspects .. I've used the photos with and without my night vision kit. The screen display is showing a view about 20 metres away on mag 3. Only the basic scope is offered for a swap. Anyone interested by all means contact me .. Wirralhunter@gmail.com PS .. Having difficulty uploading photo's, please emaile if you want photo's .. Cheers Peter