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  1. Possibly because the 17g is easier to get hold of or maybe because the majority use the hmr for bunnies and the 17g does a good enough job without the need for anything else , just my thoughts could be totally wrong though
  2. Different barrel lengths , stocks etc plus there used to be a 64 action and a 54 action both discontinued now
  3. Yeah thats about the price for an upgrade , anschutz have now stopped making the 1516/17 and it would appear they have also stopped the 1416/17 line as well , shame because they are all cracking guns , but it looks like the 17 series is taking over in both calibres
  4. The 1416 and also the 1517 come with either single or two stage triggers and boy there good
  5. Never tried the hw , but heard good things , unfortunately the thumbhole stock has got to win the award for the ugliest stock competition
  6. If youve got a few bob spare , anschutz , finish is perfect ,best trigger you can get , best thumbhole stock ive shouldered , lightweight compared to the quad and cz and laser accurate ive had the quad and cz now have a 1416 .22 and 1517 hmr ,love them
  7. Grey laminate , fluted barrel £600+
  8. CZ455. .17HMR View Advert withdrawn from sale Advertiser telfs Date 28/07/19 Price Category Rifles Calibre .17  
  9. telfs

    CZ455. .17HMR


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    withdrawn from sale


  10. Have a look at athlon scopes at OW , i have just bought a midas hmr and am very impressed indeed , so much so i will be investing in another shortly , the hmr is on sale at £395 although there are several different models some cheaper , some more expensive , at present not that popular but give them time
  11. telfs

    CZ stock

    View Advert CZ stock Cz 455 synthetic stock varmint barrel , this is brand new in box , never used £100 posted Advertiser telfs Date 18/05/19 Price £100.00 Category Rifles Calibre .22  
  12. telfs

    CZ stock


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    Cz 455 synthetic stock varmint barrel , this is brand new in box , never used £100 posted


  13. View Advert Falcon m18 3 x falcon m18 4-18x44 , b20 ret , SFP , all as new with boxes , flip ups , sunshades etc £160 each posted Advertiser telfs Date 14/05/19 Price £160.00 Category Scopes and Optics  
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