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  1. keepdiggin


    Ever lost a dog to a large snake
  2. keepdiggin

    get in there

    Do you go and watch them ray
  3. keepdiggin

    A lucky stray

    What would of ate her?
  4. keepdiggin

    Cape buffalo special

    The Cape buffalo are known to turn the tables and hunt the hunter
  5. keepdiggin

    Knife and gun crime

    lock stock and two smoking barrels
  6. keepdiggin

    working english bull terriers

    thought hunting with alanos presas dogos etc was illegal in spain (not that it matters lol) nice dog mate
  7. keepdiggin

    working english bull terriers

    is that an alano?
  8. keepdiggin

    Staffy Bull

    staff x ebt? hell of a nice dog
  9. keepdiggin

    man city vs man utd

    any streams for it?
  10. keepdiggin

    Lion bayed up

    really? whys the dogos face all scratched to f**k then? dont believe everything you get told
  11. keepdiggin

    Conor mcgregor

    Ufc the new wwf
  12. keepdiggin

    Thinking of converting to islam

    Ask walshie
  13. keepdiggin

    sunderlands good luck did not last long

    Ronaldo signing for Sunderland next season
  14. keepdiggin

    sunderlands good luck did not last long

    Sunderland maxi enough said
  15. keepdiggin

    parking tickets

    i really don't know i only nipped to bank and went in to the sofa shop and i was under 1 hr