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  1. Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Haha, a spaniel can be as bad as any other for fecking off!
  2. Monday TEA IN THE 50s

    Oh and TGI Fridays do a nice rack as well!!
  3. Monday TEA IN THE 50s

    Still quite a common feed in rural Ireland, with cabbage, spuds and brown sauce!
  4. Hunting days USA

    Great stuff, dries up a wound good as well! I would wash out with saline than betadine sprayed into all the nooks and crannies.
  5. Hunting days USA

    It reduces the chances of infection, where as an antibiotic fights infections. Two different things.
  6. Hunting days USA

    Yes, its the active ingredient in hibiscrub
  7. Hunting days USA

    Chlorhexidine has not antibiotics either

    This is my bitch, she's eight months old. Head strong twat!
  9. struggling to keep weight on my springer spaniel

    It might not be cheap but it's not good enough for your bitch. Put a coat on her if she is kennelled outside. She will be burning energy trying to keep warm. Change her food. Acana dry is good enough for an evening meal, give her minced chicken with an egg or some sardines. I mince chicken wings and I put in beef drippings as its running through the mincer. Change from Arkwrights as it is not working.
  10. Gutted

    Producer for the brand new TV series of Dumbest Criminals Part 4!
  11. Gutted

    Knock knock
  12. Gutted

    Not having a go, but your dog ran out on the road in front of the guy who was driving, how was it his fault and why did you feel you needed to get even? It was lucky your dog didn't damage the car.
  13. He could do with out the Agro !

    She'll want stitches
  14. Cleaning advise

    Subcutaneous will start to work quicker than oral if needed and intramuscular is even quicker.